Mini amp

Any advice on the best portable mini amp? Don’t want anything too amazing, just enough to pump out a bit of sound on a camping trip or to entertain a small crowd.
Ideally I want to take it has hand luggage on a plane so has to fit comfortably in a rucksack…

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Something like the spark mini?

I love my Blackstar. I have a much larger practice amp, but always end up using the BS instead. I’ve been using it almost daily for a month and it’s still on the batteries it came with.

This Spark amp was announced yesterday and I’m definitely intrigued, especially for the pre-order price.


I’ve looked at the spark mini but I think it’s a bit too big for my needs.

ah theres the new spark go as said but no idea when it will be delivered

That one looks ideal for me! I’ll keep an eye out for launch day :slightly_smiling_face:

Check this:

Now, he’s a Blackstar artist but I think the demo kinda speaks for itself.

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You didn’t comment if you want it for acoustic or electric or both??? I have a Yamaha THR10 which is more for electric than acoustic , yet it does have an acoustic as well as a bass mode. It’s small and runs off batteries if you need it.

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Yamaha has a very good small amp!


I’m planning one of these travel guitars from snap dragon. They were at a recent guitar show I went to. I played one and they are outstanding for the size. They fold away so small.
I want to get the guitar and amp into my rucksack ideally.

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That does look amazing
Thanks. I’ll put this in the hit list :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a very similar carbon fibre travel guitar, mines the Journey OF660. I play a lot of fingerstyle without picks or nails so getting a bit of volume is a challenge especially if there’s a lot of ambient noise. What I’ve used to good effect is a headphone amp combined with a battery powered speaker like the ones JBL makes. I use a 3.5mm cable to connect the headphone amp to the speaker. It’s worked very well for me and a friend also uses the same sort of speaker with his Yamaha silent guitar to get a bit more volume. It’s not what I’d call a giggling setup, but a very good campfire volumizer.

The headphone amp I use is a VOX, but Fender has recently come out with a very good model.

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The NUX nighty air is worth having a look at.
NUX Mighty Air

Its a small wireless stereo modelling amp. It has bluetooth connectivity. You can cannect with an app for full access to the features. The image below gives an idea of the size.


Here is a review by Pete Thorn

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I cam here to ask the same question. My local store has a blackstar mini, marshall mini and Orange mini. Hoping to hear some thoughts on those three. I think the Marshall is only 1 watt while the blackstar and orange are 3 watts.

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Do you mean the micro amps, like this:

I have one. They are toys. They make a nice ornament. That’s about it!

Note this isn’t the same sort of thing as the Blackstar Fly, or Orange Crush Mini which are proper, decent small amps.



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Nice one Tony
Good improvisation. I’ll take a look at that set up thanks

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That looks the business! Thanks :+1: