Minimalist gear

Interesting thoughts Brian.
I think for many people, many ‘home guitarists’, keeping it simple, having a small amount of gear and learning what its possibilities are, is a perfectly good way to learn to play guitar a lot and learn to play with the gear a little.
When / if progressing to playing with others in a band say, or seeking to do home recordings, the need to get more hardware and learn how to create / record different sounds with amp(s) and pedals increases.
It’s not the only way of course.
I have never gone ‘wireless’ from guitar to amp but see the value in not having cables trailing all across the floor etc.

@markr31 There is something attractive about keeping it ‘simple’ :smiley:

@Majik Well, I’m not surprised to see a similar pic of yours to mine, especially when you’re travelling. It was partly your experience of the THR that pushed me in that direction.
Just in case others might think you are a ‘minimalist’: Keith has bought, used and reviewed a lot of ‘gear’ over the years :rofl:

@roger_holland Looking at Keith’s travel guitar, the ‘bites’ out of your guitar look like mere nibbles now :laughing:
The sun is splitting the stones here, as they say. Thank you :sunny: :sunglasses:

@Richard_close2u Absolutely. But even if you record and play in bands, most of your time will still be just playing guitar by yourself practicing/composing, where a compact setup can make life less hassle (esp. for those we live with :laughing:).
Regarding recording- unless you have a desire to produce professional standard material, a simple mobile phone, decent amp and time invested figuring out how your DAW works, will go an awful long way.

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That is a great minimalist setup @majik.
btw - where in the world are you just now?

I kinda thought the same :grin:

Not a patch on the sun here today: it was 34℃ earlier. After wandering the area for a few hours, I had to cool down:

Here’s another clue that I know that at least one other forum member should get:

Back on topic, I will try to find some time to post about the Travelcaster on my Road Case Learning Log.



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Careful with that ale, Eugene! :wink:

Edit: Did Freddie Mercury sing about that bridge on Sheer Heart Attack?
Hey hey hey hey, it was the DNA
Hey hey hey hey, that made me this way

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@Majik never mind where in the world (I still don’t know btw) but how in the world did you get that photo looking back down at you?

Ding ding ding. @brianlarsen FTW!

Here’s another shot to confirm.

Ever heard of a “selfie stick”? :sunglasses:



Actually, there is a bit more to it. Here’s the original photo:

Google Photos

You may need to click on it to view it properly.



My whole setup is quite minimalist as I connect my guitar trough a small audio interface to my phone and that’s it. However I’m traveling right know to my home town by train and… oh my. Just the guitar with the case is quite heavier than I thought :sweat_smile:

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That is pretty! I had a girlfriend from Singapore ages ago. Didn’t last long enough to go there. How is the beer?

I like how the selfie stick is edited out. Does it do that automatically? You can see it’s shadow on you in the second picture. I thought maybe you had your own drone!

I am impressed with everyone traveling with their guitars. I will not be. I haven’t felt it really worth spending for a small enough travel guitar, and definitely not worth the hassle for a regular one. I can go a week without playing. I’ll study theory in my downtime instead. Or listen to music.

It’s OK. I don’t normally drink lager, but it suits the temperature sometimes There’s some OK craft beer around.

Yes. It’s quite neat. Especially for videos.

Well, I’m here for a few months, at least. I’m on my own except for a few work colleagues and, after spending most of the working day interacting with them, I would rather not waste the evening going out and getting drunk with them.

Having said that, so far I’ve not had much chance to use the guitar: there’s been some long working days and, by the time I have sorted food, had a walk around to decompress after work and get some exercise, etc. there’s not much of the evening left. I also want to make the most of my weekends by exploring a bit (although it’s mostly shopping malls here).



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Cool topic Brian, that has become the usual mix of guitar talk, side banter, and Keith’s travelogue including those ever so cool photos.

Nothing so exciting from me …

Epi LP Standard Pro aka Vincent Blue Beast
Ditto Looper
Blackstar ID:15TVP

Now I should stop communing with the Community and make some noise, which might get a little loud … Layla, you got me on my knees


This is my guitar ‘corner’.

I’m pretty minimalist :-

1 acoustic guitar
1 electric guitar
1 amp
1 wireless guitar to amp system
1 Trio+ pedal and footswitch
1 pair headphones
1 music stand

As for recording, I use my iPhone for video and audio. I don’t have a DAW and I only record to post my progress here so that’s enough for me.

I control my amp using the on amp controls and have only connected it to a computer once. That was on the day I bought it. The pc crashed (too old to cope, a bit like me!).

I also of course have a drawer containing picks, strings, tuner, metronome, song books, etc, etc.


If we’re at our Caravan I usually have my Harley Benton Travel guitar, my Harley Benton Ovation Knock off and my Peavey 5150 micro amp to play.
image image