Minimalist gear

Many of us start off with a cheap guitar we inherited/found/bought and once we have a couple of chords under our belt and have discovered the world of guitars, we start to ‘treat’ ourselves.
Acoustics speak for themselves, but it can be quite bewildering for choosing intermediate electric setups.
Space, mess and noise are considerations that can put many off.
Here’s one of many possible solutions which suits my present requirements and although not cheap (around £950), gives me great pleasure

Harley Benton Fusion III (B-stock)
Yamaha THR10IIwireless amp
Line 6 G10II transmitter
Airstep YT wireless foot controller for amp
Digitec Trio+ band in a box looper (power supply, cables and footswitch not in pic, used)
Headphones (cheap, brand?)

The lack of clutter, cables and portability of this appeals greatly to me. I’m looking forward to sunny days, sitting outside my front door, playing my guitar while waiting for the missus to get home for work. I can always use the headpones if the neighbours object.

What’s your go-to setup? :smiley:


Well… acoustics speak for them self???

How about heading to you’re front porch and dont have to worry about any of that equipment?

Do i have power to my amp? Did i forgot my cables? Can i put my pedalboard into this puddle of mud??
Do i survive when i electrochute myself through this puddle of mudd??

I give you simplicity my friend🤣

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Jeg tror ikke du kan lese ordentlig :rofl:
The beauty of my system is that it is small/portable and wireless :wink:
That’s a fine acoustic you have there, but it would drive my family mad, if I were to play it in the living room when everyone was trying to watch TV :rofl:

Yeah. I know :rofl:
Just jealous :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Well, all I have is an electric guitar (well three actually) and amp. Oh and an acoustic which to be honest I don’t play much these days.

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Brian ,that’s exactly what I thought when I read it from Trond :joy:

Edit: My set up to go…well, it’s neat to put a picture of my girl here :innocent:,…because that’s what it comes down to when I go outdoor to play in time :grin:


Minimalist porch guitar


Minimalist Electric guitar


Sorry Brian for the completely nonsensical postings of a quite interesting topic for the street music vagrants among us… can someone get things back on track? :roll_eyes:

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@stitch the Diddley bow is kinda cool :sunglasses:

I’ve seen that Jack White clip before. Yup, it’s a pretty basic guitar-
Mind where you buy those Sivertone Twin Twelve amps though. They can set you back more than all the gear in my pic :wink:
That reminds me of something someone posted back in January, about how guitars are waaay less important than amps for sound :thinking:
Oh no… now I remember:
That ended up with me buying a new guitar :rofl:


Courtyard/Porch ?


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That’s always the same old story, I think with most of you people :thinking:
Not me :lying_face:

I’ve got a yamaha thr10 am, great piece of gear and they now have the thr30 models if you want a bit more grunt

@TheMadman_tobyjenner I s’pose you have a water-resistant amp and one of those carbon–fibre guitars too? :laughing:

@roger_holland ah… but I’m older and wiser now! :wink:

@tony aren’t they just? I haven’t tried the 11 setting yet :wink:

Walked into a motorcycle shop on the Sunshine Coast, QL, the first week I was in Australia and said I wanted a ‘big’ bike. The guy says “This one’s got loads o’ grunt, mate!”
I learned to drive the Kwak GPZ 1100 on the way home :smiley:

No I’ll just keep me wellies on and pray. :rofl::rofl:

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And i bet your grin nearly split your head in two. Ninjas and Gixers the solution to life’s problems. But my Lowrider blows the same blues away


My stuff is simplistic to the max. For my electric I have a Fender Champion 20. That’s it. No pedals at all. I use headphones so as not to annoy my wife (any more than my mere existence already does.) My acoustic can obviously be played “as is,” but I also have a Fender Acoustasonic 40 amp.

That’s my whole setup unless you want to count using a Line 6 G-10 wireless system instead of a cable to connect the guitars to amps. I got tired of getting tangled up in cables.

This is probably a good time to post my current guitar setup which is fairly minimalist, but also includes a new purchase. This is my current rig:

Traveler Guitars Travelcaster Deluxe, Candy Apple Red
Yamaha THR10ii
Line 6 Relay GT10Tii
Boss Pocket GT
Shure IEMs

I mostly use the Yamaha at low volumes in my apartment, but the Pocket GT is useful for headphone use if I ever decide to sit in one of the common areas and play without annoying others. I could use also the Yammy with headphones, but the Pocket GT is a lot more portable; I can throw it into the pocket of the gig bag. And it’s got a lot more tonal options.

There’s also a possibility I may be doing some onward travelling in the next few months, and the Travelcaster/Pocket GT combo should work quite well for that.




Indeed. The biggest bike I ever owned was a 4cyl 900cc, way too much power and such fun, i’m glad i survived it.

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Tssss, It’s been 3 months since the last time then? :thinking:,…tsss old and weirdser(My keyboard just can’t manage that one, word letters fall in between??)…Okay, I still have to get there(age and not buying a guitar for a long time), but I be still fresh and youthful :innocent:

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful weekend and hopefully the sun will shine with you too :sun_with_face: