Minimum (charlie cunningham) - cover

Haven’t posted anything for a while, and was inspired by a comment from @jkahn related to the futility of waiting for the ‘perfect’ take.

This is my cover of ‘Minimum’ by Charlie Cunningham.
I did this song for the previous community open mic (this version has less nerves :slight_smile: )
However, my hands were out of frame and there were a few comments asking about the strum/pick pattern.
When researching the song - I saw a couple mentions of a ‘pick and go’ technique - but no clear explanation of what that was - so this was my best interpretation of it.
Essentially I’m doing a Travis style picking pattern on the lowest strings on the 1 & 2 & , followed by strumming for the rest of the bar.



That was fantastic Dale. Loved your playing and vocals and both reminded me of Ed Kowalcyk . Really enjoyed that!

Well done.
I am not familiar with this song, and I am so glad I heard this from you!
Simply beautiful singing and guitar play.
Keep on playing!

Sounded great. That pick & go technique sure looks pretty tricky. Quite an advanced technique. I saw you live on the OM - was really good to see what your hands were doing with this one,

The perfect take stuff… well, I get hung up on that and am trying to shake it (probably why I focus on it at times). I think it matters for recording an album or a showcase work, probably not as much for sharing guitar videos on a forum :wink:.

Totally sick and quick. Reminded me of.

Oh yes I am glad you published this video, great to see your strumming hand action, seems really complex but you pulled it off really well! Great stuff thanks for sharing

Hi Dale! Fantastic playing and singing. I enjoyed listening. So far beyond my level I can’t add any feedback apart from “sounds great”.

Sounds fantastic, Dale. Impressive right hand technique for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoyed watching your right hand there Dale. Clever stuff. A great performance, well done.

It’s important to remember JK that this is a guitar learning site and principal reason for posting is to get feedback. Plenty other internet sites for posting ‘perfect’ performances. ‘

Wicked Charlie!! I missed the last OM so hadn’t seen you perform this before. Perfect take or not, I’d be really chuffed with that, some great technique on show and well sung :+1::metal:

Yep, I guess that’s what I’m saying in a different way… agreeing with you. Posting stuff with some issues AKA “live” style performances rather than album recordings is the way IMHO.

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That was really impressive playing Dale. I enjoyed your singing too but the pick and go, well that looks like it was a really hard one to learn. Bravo!