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WOW, this is really hard. Every time I take my little finger off it naturally springs up at least a centimetre. Even concentrationg on preventing that is very difficult.

Welcome @Eristdoof !
We have a lot of answers and support here, but not for the little pinky. It sure has a mind of its own!

Mine flails and jerks. I can’t seem to bend it in a smooth motion, so it jumps and kinks. This is on my left fretting hand and I am left handed!

I do think Justin’s exercise and others and the adage “practice” will hold true here. Mine is slowly improving the more I use it. I have a few things I practice that are not specific to the pinky, but use the pinky a lot. Even just practicing cords and scales that use the pinky helps a lot.

I am trying a riff that has pinky hammer ons and they are…awkward to say the least.

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Welcome to the forum Tim.
Keep at it your fingers will figure it out. Slow and steady.
It’s the best exercise to get that pesky pinky under control.

@Jamolay the Minimum Movement Exercice would help you
as well.

I have been doing it for a while. It does help, absolutely. It just takes time when you have more than half a century of incorrect pinky experience…