Minor Chords in a Key,

In the chords in keys section, it says the pattern for Major keys is Maj-Min-Min-Maj-Maj-Min-Dim

Is there an easy way to remember Minor keys? Is there a similar progression and something simple to remember, thanks in advance

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Yes. It’s the same as what you wrote, but starting on the 6th chord.


Hello @davidwildey welcome to the community.
It is exactly as @jjw1 describes.
See if this diagram helps.
Makpr and minor ley chords clockwise chart


Okay, so the fluoro yellow major that is highlighted if you follow the sequence in the way the arrow describes is Maj min min maj maj min dim

And from fluoro yellow minor around it is min dim etc etc? Is that right?

So I need to memorise the yellow minor sequence around the circle? Is that it?

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Hi David and welcome :smiley:
I can’t let @Richard_close2u post an image of a colored wheel without referring to an excellent resource that he has provided on the Circle of Fifths
It provides all the chords to all the keys and is a marvel in it’s own right. :smiley:


You understand it correctly @davidwildey
If you memorise the major key pattern it automatically provides the minor key pattern.
In time, with usage you will come to know both.

@brianlarsen is very kind. That topic is dense, mysterious and lengthy!

Thanks so much everybody, this is my first post in the forum, I wasn’t expecting a reply as its possibly very simple, so far its a positive experience and lots of supportive info, thanks for making the visit a positive one,
thanks everyone that replied,


The simplest way for me is 1 4 5.
In a minor key the 1st 4th and 5th chord are minor, in a major key they’re major. Dim is the 2nd chord in minor, 7th in major.