Minor Pentatonic Pattern 5

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Okay…I can play the 5 patterns of the minor pentatonic. But what does the pattern name 1 to 5 signify. Does it refer to the geography or location of the root note? eg pattern 1 root on 6th string? Or is it just memorization?

Hey Stephen,

Welcome to the community mate.
Pattern 1, Pattern 2 etc are essentially arbitrary names. I personally think they are unhelpful, as they have no inherent meaning. (You may get some slightly differing opinions here).

As you move forward, and are exposed to the CAGED system, you will find there is a very logical way of seeing them.
The important thing in all of this is the root notes, and the subsequent intervals. They are the basic framework.

Cheers, Shane

Hello and welcome to the Community Stephen.

The naming is convention, no more.

@sclay mentions CAGED and is right to do so.
For the major scale, minor scale, and their pentatonics, conventionally pattern 1 is the E-shape pattern from the CAGED system (which makes it EDCAG).

When you say you can play them - do you mean up and down as scale patterns that your fingers have come to know in muscle memory?
Or do you mean you can make music and play lead guitar improvisations and solos using all patterns separately and as a connected whole?