Minor Pentatonic Pattern

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I can’t get there with my pink without resting on the snares. My hands are not so big and I can’t curl so high either… (maybe I need some muscle training to get there)
But is it a big fault to do it with my hand resting on the snares to get that pinki up on the highest strings? Or should I try to curl (but that hurts allot…)

Hi Nathalie,

What do you mean when you say your hand rests on the snares?

I can play the minor pentatonic but my pink is short (2 inch/5cm) and can’t reach to the highest string without touching the lowest snares. But since I don’t need them to ring out it doesn’t matter but maybe it will matter in the future… that is why I’m asking.
I have little hands. (My 13 year old has slightly bigger hands then me)

I think the confusion is over the word “snares”. We’re not sure what you mean… I’m guessing something is being lost in translation? Do you mean you’re muting strings without meaning to, or resting on frets perhaps? If you could maybe take a photo it would be really helpful.

Nathalie, when you say ‘highest string’ I assume you mean thickest? But you can manage on thinest two strings? You should try adjusting your hand position. If all has been tried without success, then I suggest you use the ring-finger to play that one note. And in the meanwhile follow some of Justin’s lessons to aid in developing stretch. In time your stretch will improve and you may be able to play the note with the pinky

@Goffik I assume this is a translation. Sounds like the word for string in our local language, Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch.


Ah, I see. I have a similar issue talking guitar with my Wife’s sister-in-law. The Romanian for guitar string is coarda, which can lead to obvious confusion when speaking in English. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, snares - string (and yes I’m Dutch :wink: )
Sometimes my head translates in Dutch-English :wink:


Hoi Nathalie, @animal1dancer
Welcome and how nice to see a dutch lady … in public you are not with many… maybe you like to let us hear a little more about yourself, … I hope so… I wish you have a lot of fun here and a fantastic and long guitar journey
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Greetings Rogier