Minor Triad Grips (Strings 1/2/3)

Once you're comfortable with the Major Triad grips, it's time to look at the Minor Triad ones!

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This is AWESOME! I love being able to use a variety of different chord shapes in songs for slightly different sounds!


Glad you’re enjoying it Paul.
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M79 by Vampire Weekend

That’s a great song to play that uses both major / minor triads. There is an acoustic live version on YouTube that is fun to play along with - Vampire Weekend - M79 - Pitchfork Live - YouTube


Yes Justin, after all these years I am still enjoying your lessons. I drift off and look at other information on the net, which I find very useful to get a different take on things, but always come back to your lessons. I have been using these triads for a while now and spice up some songs with them. I throw them into the interludes, intro and outro on that great Aussie classic ‘To her door’ for instance and it sounds great

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I enjoyed the lesson, however, two things I would do to improve it and make it even more understandable as it relates to the G major and minor triads would be (a) begin with the G major triad and (b) then show the G minor triad, emphasizing the fact that the only difference to go from the G major to G minor triad is that you’re flattening the 3rd, i.e., going from B to Bb. I illustrated this using Neck Diagrams which visually makes the point.

I have been using Neck Diagrams on a regular basis since starting the Theory course. It’s a fantastic supplement to the course material.

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@rklein Justin does write in the lesson content:

So your thinking is aligned with thoughts he had when creating the lessons, but consciously chose to not provide.

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For anyone else coming across this, those exact diagrams are available under the resources in the next lesson. Triads 123 Major and Triads 123 Minor. They are for the G triad.

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