Missing Chords in Chord Library Section

I was going through Justin’s Chord Library section here https://www.justinguitar.com/chords and noticed that he skips a lot of chords for each chord type? And the categorization seems a bit off. Can’t tell if its intentional or if its a bug or a mistake on the creator.

For example:

  1. There is only one power chord.
  2. What about chords like Ab, Bb, etc. for major chords?
  3. Why does major seventh chords not include Dmaj7?
  4. Plus many other missing chords…

Hi Dante ,

It’s a lack of time and not

… it’s a growing thing like so much with Justin guitar, it gets better and better even better :smiley:, but not everything can be completely finished in a few months or even a year… .it’s a work in progress :sweat_smile:

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Hi Roger.

Understood, it is just something I wanted to clarify. Hope to see more up there, but no issues, I can always look up chords elsewhere.