Missing finger tip due to accident - should I learn left-handed?

hello. I am trying to learn how to play guitar. however a few years ago I cut off the tip of my middle finger on my left hand in an accident. It wasn’t a whole lot, the nail completely intact, the bitty piece of meat under, the tip of the finger gone. playing isn’t too difficult, but it makes it difficult to be consistent. I was wondering if I should learn the guitar left handed.

Hi Jose @biscuit4567, and welcome to the community! I’m still a beginner myself, so I hesitate to offer any thoughts. Hopefully one of the experienced folks here will offer up some advice!

First of all, let me say sorry for what happened. I really empathise and feel for you.
My father had a similar accident like what you described.

Now look, Tony Iommi had chopped off the tips of 2 of his fingers in a work accident and Django Reinhardt was playing with 2 fingers only.

So, I’d say persevere. If it’s not painful or there’s no other physical reason, I’d stay stick with it and see how it goes.

All the best!

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Same injury same finger with nerve damage and I’m learning right handed just feels more natural and the finger does hamper but I can still get the chords with repetition and practice
Also have titanium plates in my strumming arm and little hand feeling but it works
Tbh the reason I took up guitar is to keep them working so stick at it
I’m only grade 2 but I’m progressing