MissMohawk's Learning Log

Grade1 Module 0
Not skipping the basics, assuming nothing and following all the lessons.

I don’t know who is controlling my ring finger but it certainly isn’t me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
My first attempt at the D chord, my fingers were muting the other strings

Cutting my nails short helped a lot to get each string individually.

I have an odd default way of holding the pick, between my index finger and my thumb, not sure if this is a problem or not but I will be trying to correct it to the way shown in the video.

I am sure this will all develop with practice, like when you first start typing and have to look at the keyboard and then all of a sudden one day you are looking at the screen while you type without looking down.


When I looked at the first pictures I was going to comment on the length of you fingernails but then I read you already cut them.
Try and keep your thumb behind the neck more. Justin explains why at the 5:10 mark of the lesson video. The first step of your journey has started good luck enjoy the journey.


I remember my eyes being glued to the fretboard when I was beginning. I intently watched a guitar player then at a local performance and was amazed to notice he hardly ever looked at the fretboard. When typing I never look at my fingers, but then they always go to the same place for the same letter, whereas on the fretboard I now can play many of my songs without looking but there are also songs where I still have to peak. :slight_smile:

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Slow and steady is the way, Jess. Good to see you asking questions, working things out, both will support your learning. Very helpful to post the pictures. Have fun!

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Dolly Parton seems to manage with enormous talons! :smile:


:joy::joy: I don’t know how.

Because she mostly plays using open tuning and does mostly short barrés, makes it a lot easier for her!


I’m having to train myself to change the position of my fretting hand. I find the default position results in my fingers laying flat across the strings and muting strings a bit like you describe. I need to roll my hand further under (away from me) so my fingers can come more vertically onto the strings. Having tried and failed before I 100% agree with your approach, even the seemingly simple things have little nuances to them that will be a lot harder to correct in 6 months time once a habit has become embedded