Mister Phisher

Hello JG Community, hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend wherever you are in the world.

With my latest composition I’ve experimented with some sound bites and I think it’s come up reasonably well. Lyrics are incorporated in the video, so I won’t list them here.

Quite happy overall with song, music and video. I guess the more you practice all elements, the better one gets.

Love to all.


Lee, that was excellent. Opening was brilliant and it just got better from there.

Nice work.

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Really impressive production Lee, both musically and with the video. Certainly a testament to what practice achieves!

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That’s another cool produciton, Lee! Very well done. :clap: :smiley:

It’s fascinating how you put a quite serious issue/topic into something entertaining, hence on point story to tell in a song. The scenes in the video are well chosen to substantiate the vibe and message. This is an enjoyable composition.

I think, if my former company would use your song instead of the endless annoying IT security trainings, awareness would raise drastically. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Lee

Pretty impressive production values on the video.

Clearly way out of my ability to do anything similar and I’ve never even written an original lick much less a song. . . .hats off to you!!

I enjoyed both the video and the song. . .

Nice to see some creative juices flowing. Well done!!


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Thank you for your comments Stefan, Jeremy, Lisa and Mark.

Jeremy, you say way out of your ability. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this when I started playing guitar, but it is achievable. I’m a mediocre intermediate guitarist who can barely sing, but with recording software like Cakewalk (free download at the moment) and a Boss digital recorder, and for videos using Clipchamp on Windows (free on Windows 11+), it’s relatively straight forward…. takes a while, but can be done. I guess the hardest bit is the songwriting and realising the melody in your head and getting out. But again, I’m no songsmith but I’m sticking at it.

Lisa, yeah takes a while to pick the clips and compile the timeline and add the lyrics, but it’s satisfying when the end product comes up so well. That is a thought about IT security training…. I wonder if Bill Gates would be interested?!?!


Hi Lee!
This recording of your new song is really clear, with parts having their own space to work in. I love the layering of the vocals you are doing as well - both the lead and the backing ooo’s.

I also didn’t realise that Mr Phisher is a thing - a phishing tool for socials apparently - there you go - I learned something new today.

Just as others have said, your video editing really suits the song and truly becomes a vehicle for the music. Your use of repeating clips for the same section of the song reinforces the familiarity of the section. I’m quizzical though - and not sure if I am interpreting correctly - the outro, which sounds like it features a televangelist - are you saying that there is a similarity between televangelists and scammers? Quite legitimately in many cases, I think there is.

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Thank you Andrew. Well I’ve learnt something new as well then. I had no idea that Mister Phisher was a social phishing tool. I just used it as a simile to Mr.Fisher, I was looking for fishing analogies as well, but they got a bit trite, so I steered clear of using them as much as possible. I had no intent to compare preaching to scamming, I more so wanted to convey some of the unnecessary use of personal information as a gateway for all sorts of “punters” to get at us.

Unfortunately I’ve shown my hand for our next jam, I couldn’t wait to get it out! The Pandora’s Box I alluded to previously was the use of sound bites. For this song it has worked well, and better than I had expected.

Yes, it works both ways, as in my point and yours!