Mixing Major & Minor Pentatonics

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Finally the comments and the forum have been combined. Good work. I found the forum very confusing and didn’t bother with it. Cheers

The fact that you shouldn’t continue in the root major pentatonic on the 4 chord but change to minor or change the key to the 4th was a major eye opener for me. Been doing this wrong for a long time…

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I Just started on Grade 7. Been working on making the changes with major pentatonic changes. Here is a video of me playing along with my Boss RC-10R Looper changing between major and minor pent. A7/D7/E7. 2023-11-27 20-34-52.mkv - Google Drive

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Good stuff Philip. Sounding pretty sweet mate. Mixing major/ minor really opens it all up.
Lots of fun ahead :sunglasses:

Cheers, Shane