Mixing scales for improvisation

Hi all, as I am very new to guitar theory I just wanted to ask a question. If say I am playing a backing track in E, I can improvise using the E major scale, is it OK to also switch to using the C# minor pentatonic during the same improvisation set. as in using both scales at the same time.
Or have I got this whole drop 3 frets thing totally wrong?

You have this correct. C#minor is the Relative minor to E so the notes are the same just the Root changes. So the tonal center is also different.

To answer your question without writing a book on theory. When soloing in a Major key using the Major scale you could switch to the relative minor pentatonic scale if the C#m chord was in the chord progression and it would fit perfectly But if you kept playing it over the other chords you’ll soon find you ear pulling you back the the E major.

The easiest way to mix Major and minor scales is to stay in the Key E so use E major and E minor pentatonic. Another trick is to use the Pentatonic scale of the chord your playing. Every Major scale has all the 7 pentatonic scale of the chords in that key built into that major scale.


Thank you :grin:

This video covers some useful ideas.