Mobo fire

No PC for a bit sadly. Turned my PC on just now and poof, flames near the bottom left corner. I should be able to keep track of my progress but, I guess I’ll be offline for a bit.


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oh no that sucks !

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Nooo Rachel,
That is … BEEEEEP… I mean …CENSURE…

Well, you probably know what I mean, what a waste of money and time looking for a new one, good luck with it,

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That’s really bad, Rachel, hope you didn’t loose data. Good luck and we keep your seat warm till you return :wink:.

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You’ll get by…I haven’t owned a PC or laptop in more than 10 years. They are dinosaurs. Ipad and iphones are the way to go. Time to cut the proverbial cord, you’ll be surprised how much better it is. :+1:

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Very rubbish news Rachel. I hope you get back online soon.

Bad news Rachel but hopefully you’ll be up and running soon. Do you have a repair shop nearby ? My PC died a few weeks back, so dug out the contingency Laptop for 4 or 5 days.
Local shop is pretty good and it was just a dead power supply. Hopefully the flames did not cause internal damage.


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Flames? On a PC? What were you doing with it? :scream:

You may be able to fix it cheaply, yourself if handy or a PC repair place. If there were flames, it is probably a power supply issue and if the flames didn’t get high enough to damage anything, a new power supply is quite easy to put in and not terribly expensive.

Oh no! Hope you’re back up and running again asap.

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noooo!! That’s awful! Flames sound really bad! Hope you can get back online soon! :sunflower:

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That’s too bad. Hopefully the fire didn’t spread and threaten your guitar
At least you can log into the website and community via your phone

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What’s this?
Flames :fire:???
C’mon Rachel… You know very well that this Community does not allow flaming…
What were you thinking???

Seriously, I hope you’re up and running online again soon!!!
Good luck!



@Libitina Rachel,
My commiserations!
Luckily you were there and caught the fire at the start.

Someone has very strong feelings!
It depends on what people use the computer for though :wink:


It does! Whilst iPad/phones etc are quite capable these days they dont run 98% of the software I use ( visual studio etc, photoshop etc, the games I play etc etc).


Yeap, my thoughts are the same. Specialist software is not designed to run on ipads/androids/iphones.


Tablets and phones are great for browsing Facebook or reading emails, watching YouTube and some other common tasks.

But, in my experience, many apps are cut down versions compared to the desktop versions, and touch screens are not ideal for typing or other work.

Of course you can add a keyboard and mouse, but then you are basically converting your tablet into a PC without most of the benefits of a PC.

In my experience, at least 50% of the things I actively do on a PC would be significantly compromised if I did them on a tablet or phone.

I hope you manage to get it sorted @Libitina Rachel.



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Thankfully, every piece hardware is fine, Thank god for that…

No Way lol, not no how :frowning:

Defo, but 14 hours on strip, clean and rebuild over 2 day. Partner got another board for me whilst we try and work through warrenty claim as board is only 18 months old.


I was the one who started it lol, I pushed the go button lol…

Agreed, I do miss my IMac but I wouldn’t miss an ipad or Iphone but the Ipad has come in hany whilst PC down lol.

Heres the damage.

Flame crossed the cover of the M.2 windows drive but only left some soot :slight_smile: and reached a 1/4 inside the fan housing of my GFX card, again, just some soot but the up fans drew the flame with it. :frowning:

and now…

If anyone post a smokin giff, im commin round to give you a slap.!





Less frivolity, glad its fixed. :sunglasses:

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no gif, but how about a riff?

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