Mod 9 website practice schedule v/s app (& possibe bug for app?)

For Module 9, the website practice schedule is different from that of the app (the app is less detailed and has some errors in the section titles- Cmaj7 rather than Fmaj 7-see pictures below).

Also when I practice on the app, when I finish a section, it gives me the option to continue or replay. If I select continue it takes me back to the start of the section I just completed rather than onto the next section or back to the main list. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to occur or not, but it seems inefficent.

Website practice:

App practice:

Thanks for the feedback, Kelly.

I recommend studying the lessons on the website and primarily using the app for song practice. I think there is generally more detail on the website.

@MusopiaApps please not the feedback above.

This is true, but some of us have found that the integration of the simple practice assistant combined with the instant access to a beginner friendly karaoke style song library leads to a better practice experience overall…in the beginner stages, at least.

Different approaches work for different people…it’s important to experiment and find what works for you.


Yeah I prefer to use the app, as my laptop is mainly for work and I try to get away from distractions when practicing. It would be ideal to have the full, detailed practice (same as the website) on the app since it’s the paid option as well. I do enjoy the song practice portion, but having everything in once place would be ideal.

Agreed. I especially missed the text summaries and additional resources (like backing tracks, tabs, etc) of the website lessons when I was actively using the app. But overall I still preferred the tighter integration of the app.

It’s my understanding that the app and the website are being developed by two different companies, and coordinating the development efforts would be expensive.

I use the website course with my phone. It works great for me. I like having the course in one tab of my browser and the community site in another.
Maybe you can try this.

That’s worth a try, will give it a shot!