Mod8, Em Pentatonic Practice


Can anyone explain the purpose of the “distraction track” that accompanies the Em Pentatonic 2min practice?

I find it incredibly annoying & simply mute the sound for that two minutes

New Years Resolution: practice more

I dont hear anything other than Justin talking :thinking:

@LesPaulMoreRay, @MusopiaApps

Ahh, but then you are looking at, & listening to, the Website version of the practice routine.

I am asking specifically about the “Justin Guitar Lessons and Practice App” version of the “Module 8; Daily Practice Schedule”.

If I use the website then I too hear Justin talking - I am wondering why the App version has the extra, intrusive, beat overlain.



In fact, as an afterthought, that may be why I posted my question in the Community section relating specifically to “Questions or Feedback on the Lessons & Songs App

Thanks anyway,

Hey Keith, no help here, just a comment…I just had a look at that practice item in the app and of course I see the same thing you do. And like you I can’t think what purpose the background track serves. Indeed, in the lesson Justin suggests practicing with a metronome, setting the speed to one’s current skill level. Don’t see how that track helps with that! I think I’d mute it as well. :slight_smile: Maybe another community member has an idea.

A. Your question mentions nothing about the app. B. the print is very small that mentions the category. (just an afterthought)