Model Guitars - If You Can Not Have The Real Thing!

Well, I’ve made my Christmas present. My wife has no interest in ‘guitar’ music or in my learning to play with JustinGuitar but… what a great present, a Lego Strat and amp. Anyone else made this or indeed any other models? It now sits by my Acoustic and Electric guitars to further encourage progress.


This has been on my Lego wish list since it first came out. What a great gift!

Fantastic, I had no idea that such a thing existed! Welcome to the community, too :smile:

Excellent, will have to look out for them, me likeeee!

Welcome to the Community, Steve. That is a great gift, do they come in LPs and Marshalls :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suggest you head over to #community-hub:introduce-yourself and share some of your guitar background and learning.

So I have had an early Christmas present. An addition to the Lego Christmas buildings etc is… my very own music store. So the only shop in our Lego Christmas high street is a music store.

How much is that guitar in the window, I do hope that guitar’s for sale!


Better get in quick as there may be a run on them with people claiming it was missing from the set.
I am sure nobody from the community would do that would they?

Looks great Steve I saw this in the Lego store I think it can be built in black too? I think the jazz quartet set is under the tree for me or maybe it’s this set I’ll be happy with either. I love Lego