Modest Mavis Resonator

Killing some time waiting for the first JGC Mini Gog to kick off and dropped on this JJ review.

Wow both the Mavis and its cheaper sibling blew me away and the new “budget” version looks so cool.

I then did a bad thing and looked up the price on the Mule Resophonic website.

2700 USD !! Even I could not get that amount of GAS past my missus. Maybe …



The only cure for your GAS is that resonator Toby!


It may be a Modest version of the custom job but the price is certainly not modest :rofl:

But now that resonator itch is just going to grow, Toby. As you know I scratched it and have one that (mostly) hangs on the wall, with a steel slide that has only stayed in a drawer. But it comes down at present for the most basic beginning of finger-style blues practice.

So if the Modest Mavis is the source of the itch then good old Thomann and HB might be an option? Check these out. They may not be as maginificent as a Mule Modest Mavis but the pricing is HB modest, looks not bad, and their guitars are generally great value: Harley Benton Custom Line N-150CE Black – Thomann UK or Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing BK – Thomann UK

You should know better than to send me links like that. :rofl: I’ve been down that Thomann Reso Rabbit hole before and found myself drawn to that N-150CE. But I will resist for now!

Then something like this pops up. :scream: Time for some playing me thinks !

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Sorry, Toby, I figured it would be OK since I know that you’d make the leap to Thomann all on your own :rofl:

I watched some of JJ’s review and I confess I preferred the acoustic sound to the amplified. And if I was looking at a resonator again, buying new, I’d lean towards a metal body rather than a wooden to optimise the twangy delta sound … the one you linked does look sweet :joy:

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That looke very tasty @TheMadman_tobyjenner very National inspired!
Good job my annual allowance is gone for this year, my new Bass and the amp I need to get (the Blackstar BEAM doesn’t cut it!) Looking at Orange, Ashdown, Ampeg and maybe Boss put paid to that!

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At first I thought this read “JGC Mini Golf.” I was imagining a group of JGC users meeting to play miniature golf (putt-putt) together with Justin. I mean, that does sound like a really fun day. :slight_smile:

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I still think I want a resonator but not sure which

The Mavis ones look great BUT they are not cheap and even the Modest is sold out.

I’ve played 2 ( a Dobro/Epi and a Gretch) and not been super impressed with either

That is a sweet guitar Toby and I think the best way to sell it to your wife is, future investment. :+1:

That guy has nearly as many guitars as you do. :smiley:


I guess I’m just lucky. I managed to bag a Modest Mavis at 12noon UK time on a Monday (they usually sell within an hour) a few weeks back. It was delivered safely last week and boy is it special, so many ideas coming from the tone and suites all types of music, build is really good and action low, easy to play slide. Get one if you can, you won’t regret the effort.

@hamrio Welcome to the Community Ian.
Wow I am pleased for you but a picture of yours would be a nice share. :wink:

Here she is.


Double wow. That’s sure a keeper. Love the case lining as well. Enjoy.