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Hi. Does anyone know whether i can share my learning progress from website (at PC) with the app? Is it possible to install the app on multiple devices? Or is a new subsciption required for each device?

Many thanks for informations :slight_smile:

You can definitely use the app on multiple IOS devices if they use the same Apple account. I don’t know about Android. Unfortunately there is no sharing capability between the app and the website.

Hi Christoph. The ability to sync and share between the actual JustinGuitar website and its Practice Assistant and the JustinGuitar Lessons & Songs App is a much requested feature. But, unfortunately, it is not yet available and may not be for some time.
Cheers :blush:
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I have been using this website for a week. And this is my first time learning to play guitar. I find this website so informative.


Welcome to the community :guitar::notes:

Hello @Zionmark and welcome.
Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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This module practice routine is awesome. I am 50 years old and started to learn about 2 weeks ago. I can feel the progress. After listening to the “Huberman Lab” podcast suggested by Justin, I may have a few insights to the practice routine:

  1. Since the 1 min A-D D-A fast chord switch correlates with the high repetition error making, it actually opens the gate for more efficient learning and therefore it might be beneficial to move it up the schedule to be the first exercise, and than chord perfect, anchor finger…

  2. It will be helpful to my opinion to put a 1 or 2 minute quite timer after the fast switching exercises, and the 10min song playing. This is for closing the eyes and rest, letting the brain digest. May be with mild white noise during the timer.

  3. The 10min song playing correlates very well to the external metronome sync practice Andrew Huberman is talking about which enhances learning.

Anyway thank you very much for helping me make an old dream come true. :nerd_face:

Hey I don’t know if it’s just me but the video seems to cut to a black screen right after the 4:54 mark FYI.