Module 1 song (how many times to strum)


I don’t have a subscription. In the app, I’m using trying to play Module 1 songs (chord A&D) but I’m not sure if I’m suppose to strum on the bigger white dots (I’ve circled 3 in red), which means 4 times before moving on to the next line. For example in Give peace a change in the attached image.

Thanks in advance.


Chris @lugubres
Not sure what subscription you don’t have but the picture looks to be from the songs and lessons app.
The larger dots are the beat in 4/4 time.
Therefore depending on how far you have got in your journey then it would be either down strum on beat 1 or down strum on each beat.
Does that make sense?

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Hi @MAT1953 Ah I’m using a mix of the app (free part) and the website.
I’ve only completed grade 1 module 1. So if I’m going to keep things simple by down strum on beat 1 then I should do 4 times of the D chord where the larger dots are. Is that correct?

At the top of the screen in the songs app there is the word “STRUM” and if you tap that it will offer you a suggested strumming pattern for each song.
As has been suggested though, starting with 1 downstroke per line, then increasing to 4 downstrokes is often a good place to start. Ultimately though you can play along with whatever strumming pattern sounds good and just use the dots to help you stay in time with the big dots being where the downstrokes should be

Looks to me it’s an eight note strumming pattern. So either quick eight downstrokes or four downstrokes on each “larger” circle.

Chris @lugubres
The simple answer is that you should strum the same on both chords.
The larger dot with the letter in it, apologies for stating the obvious, but it just means the chord changes on that beat.

Thank ou @MAT1953 @mattswain & @GNS for your help.

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