Module 1 Songs

For Level 1 Module 1, I’ve completed the lessons and I’m comfortable with the practice routine requirements and the karaoke-style song practice on the app. But Justin has YouTube instruction and guidance videos on how to play several of those songs at a more advanced and in depth level. Do I also need to master the YouTube Level 1 Module 1 instructional videos for the same songs before moving to Module 2? If not, how and when should I use the YouTube versions?

Hi Kurt, the Youtube lessons often show a basic way of playing a song, and then more complex ways for how to play it “correctly” - sometimes they can be very complex. Just play the song at your level. You could have a crack at the more advanced stuff if you want to but don’t feel that you should be doing it.

Move onto Module 2 once you’ve met the benchmark set by Justin in module 1 (in terms of skills and OMCs)