Module 1 whats next after exercises, do i do songs?un

Need help in Module 1 as I’m confused what I do next. The beginner 1 modules 0 and 1 were well organized. I have created a practice routine for A, D, A to D and D to A chord changes. I’m good there. What should I do on the website next - asking for guidance. I saw there are exercises for the above. Will the app lead me to the songs i do? One lesson in module 1 listed 7 songs, do i just go to those 7 songs in the website until I’m passable at them? I do have the app but there are songs on the website that aren’t in the app, and theres stuff on Spotify and Soundcloud. Just confused what i do with exercises and especially sings before i move to beginner 1 module 2.

A better way of saying it is that I want to complete everything on the website for beginner 1 module 1 before I go to the app. I’ve already completed my own practice routine a few times and am comfortable with forming D and A as well as chord changes between D and A. Do I just pick random level 1 songs that interest me to practice on the website before I move to the app?

Good questions, and my initial response is to invoke my mantra - learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.
Module 1 = 2 chords = loads of songs.
There are seven here
There are ten on the Songs page if you filter by chords (and it shows which are on the App)

Mix and match song practice between the website and the App. The main difference and raison d’etre of the App is song practice with the karaoke style backing tracks.



Bingo… and a nice little interface to track your one minute changes and practice the strumming patterns as you start off learning.

Always worth checking out Nitsuj left-handed lesson videos on the website as you progress through the modules. You can even practice along with him.

The quote of the day… every day :smiley:


Richard, excellent response and helps resolves my confusion today with karaoke practice versus actual song learning & practice. So is it correct to summarize that the app is “karaoke style practice & songs” but the website is to learn how to actually play the song (non-karaoke)? I was confused today when I noticed a couple songs that have both karaoke practice and actual song instruction, I was confused whether I should do one or both. Do both? Also wondering how far to take it with (non-karaoke) song instruction & learning - my thought is that I don’t need to reach mastery level of the non-karaoke A & D chord level 1 module 1 songs before moving to level 1 module 2 instruction - would you agree or disagree? I have achieved Justin’s guidance of accomplishments before moving to module 2 (A & D chords, chord changes, basic strumming & timing) but just wanted to check on the songs questions. Seems if I can successfully play the karaoke style practice that I can move to module 2 while I continue learning to play the actual songs (non-karaoke). Your thoughts are much appreciated!

Also curious what the purpose is of the discobot. I don’t understand what it is, I dont understand its purpose or what I’m supposed to do with it.