Module 14 Practice

Time to set up effective practices routines for the FINAL module of Grade 2! :)

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Did I miss the “add routine” for practice assistant button? Nice to not have to set it up manually. ;).

Is there a way to add this to practice assistant in one go?

(I especially like the “during practice” videos that get setup when you use the practice tab and add routine. Which module 14 doesn’t seem to have?)

I think at this point it is expected that everyone’s practice routine is going to be so different it would be hard to set up a practice schedule that fits most of us, and adding those companion videos might be quite a burden if it wouldn’t be used.

I have taken the suggestion for a while now to customize my routine to what fits , mostly because some things were slower for me and I found I wanted to keep some of the previous module in my schedule as I added/merged the new module in. This is especially true for me as I am sliding slowly into consolidation.

I’m kind of lost right now, so used to having those routines and videos, not sure how to continue :confused:

Is there a practice module to go along with this please?

Hi @Mattscall - welcome to the community.

This lesson is the practice module … not sure what you mean.
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What he means is that all other modules have a practice button that adds the practice routine to the practice section on the dashboard. There isn’t one for module 14.


Missing the practice routine download for this module


I think the practice tab is missing. (Where you can add the routine to the assistant).

For this module Justin writes:

Here are my recommendations for your practice sessions for Module 14. You can choose to practice a little bit longer or for a little bit shorter. Adapt your routine to suit your personal needs.

He is putting the onus on each individual to build their own routine according to their needs and enjoyment.

Hope that helps.

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I’m also not seeing the “add routine” button.

Only 4 days into the new routine and I already getting a bit bored. Any tips how to switch things up?

how many songs have you learnt?
best way out of being bored is use what you learnt to play music.

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Hi @Bitilein
Your post is now 7 days old so you may have already succumbed to and died from tedium! haha :crazy_face:

If not, let us know what you have in your practice routine and we can suggest ways of livening it up.
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In regards to the numerous posts here about the missing “add to practice” button, I agree that it would be extremely helpful if we could add elements from this module to our practice routines. I understand that the onus is more and more on us to develop our own routines, but I find it extremely useful and helpful to be able to easily click on the metronome or have the link to the video, etc. Isn’t there any way to get this to work like to other modules??? Thanks!

Does anyone have any songs they can recommend to practice that use either these slash chords, or percussive hits?

Edit: Actually scratch the percussive hits, I just realized Justin talks about Proud Mary by CCR, so I’ll give that a try.

As others mentioned, the “add this routine” button is missing below the video. It’d be great to have it available.

Same comment on the add this routine option please. In fact the last video is all about rut busting, I’m sure that a little help will avoid people giving up because they need to create the routines themselves without the video and metronome options.

Hi Samuel, when you create your own practice schedule the metronome is available for each practice item. You can create a practice routine and add the existing practice items to your new routine and the videos associated with those exercises will still be there. Looking at the practice items recommended for this module the only one really missing which I agree could do with a video is the slash chords.