Module 14 Practice

Thanks, although I wonder why Module 14 does not have the add routine option, whilst Modules 13 and 15 do?

It seems that the practice routine tab has been added, I was able to add a module 14 practice routine. This will make a good starting point for modifying and customizing after I have practiced the suggested items for a while.

If anyone is like me and needs extra song lessons in Grade 2 that use the electric guitar, I have made a list from the song lesson videos from grade 2
(18 song lesson videos on the website in grade 2 where Justin is playing an electric guitar):

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smokestack Lightning
Sweet Child O Mine [EASY CHORDS]
Closing Time
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Basket Case
Anarchy In The UK
Walking The Dog
Eye of the Tiger
I Belong To You
Call Out My Name
we fell in love in october
Molly’s Lips
All Your Love
Break On Through

My background is mostly acoustic guitar and when I was in Grade 3 and tried to play grade 3 songs that use electric guitar, I realized that I needed much more practice on electric. So I plan to learn from all of these song videos and shore up my weakness on the electric.


I’m not sure what songs to use in this practice routine. Is there an easy way I can filter songs with slash chords?