Module 16 Practice Routine

Loads of things to practice, eh? :) Here's my suggestion on how to organize your practice schedule for this module!

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Hey Justin

I notice that you are still referring to strings and frets by their position or size rather than note. By this stage I would have thought that most people should be able to identify note positions on the fret and if not, I think it would help them to constantly hear the note names as you go through the lesson. Not sure it’s necessary to dumb the lessons down.

I checked with the Module 15 and Module 17 Learn More content. I think that you meant to write “ Under the video, click on the ‘Practice’ Tab and save the pre-made routine specially curated for Module 16” at the end of this Module 16 Practice Routine “Learn More” text.

The other two references to Module 17 were correct and consistent with the other modules.

Ha, just listened to The Weight today and then had your lesson. That song had been in my mind all day.

You talk about finger style on occasion but I haven’t seen any information about finger picks vs natural nails,or specific practice routines/exercises for finger style.

Hey guys, what is the music theory you learn at this point?

Hows it going, I know this is from a couple of months back. I dont know if you have gotten any answers later on in the forums. So here is where I am.

I started Justin’s practical music theory course when I started my 2nd grade class consolidation. Not knowing the notes on the neck was killing me. Also ideas like, what chords are best when in X key.

For the regular lessons I am currently in Grade 3 moving into module 17. I the music theory I am now in the doing the final touches on module 3. It is such good stuff, I highly recomend it. If you do the excersizes its not bad to get the ideas and once you do it makes everything else easier, from learning songs to following lessons and transcribing basic little stuff. I Just recently starting to watch module 4.1 lessons, write chords on my whiteboard and play with the chord grips on the guitar. This stuff will be gold when coming up with different sounds but the same note.

Good luck.