Module 3 Feedback

The more feedback I get - the more I can improve the course - so let me know good and bad and I’ll k…


Never played before. Got my guitar 1st March 2023 and its now 22nd March 2023. I came across Justin Guitar via youtube already on day 2 or 3. It just clicked. So have been following along since. I am now at this exact spot and yesterday ordered a capo that will come later today. I am thrilled. :slight_smile:

Beside the lessons, I explore on my own. So already a week ago, I was thinking, I need a capo, I simply need a capo. So the introduction to a capo at this point is just perfect for me. Also the limited explanation is perfect. It would be way too confusing at this point, to get into further details. So for me personally, Justin nails it here by introducing the capo and just say what is enough. - (Also I know there are songs out there, where a capo is needed, also among the playlist for us at this stage, so perfect timing with the capo IMHO).

Play along a song and just shift between A and D. No, I simply can not. I feel it as torture for my ears and my mind and my fingers. :rofl:

So I have tried to extract what I need to learn at this point. I train the A and D etc, like this: Know the chord by name and where to put the fingers. Getting the chord clean. Using stop watch to count shifting between the chords. Using the metronome at 4/4 beat and slow so I can get the chord shift trained and in time and on the beat. Doing different patterns to trick my fingers and mind, in order to challenge myself.

On my exploration, I have come across some chords that fit together and I like. Also they happen to be very easy. D minor, A minor and E. - With those three chords, I train both strumming and fingerpicking and coordination between right and left hand. Still no coordination at all. I stop strumming when shifting chords, but already from yesterday till today I have noticed improvement on that.

What is another excellent thing about those 3 chords, is when training fingerstyle, I have to change the bass string, as the Dm is 4th, Am is 5th and E is 6th and then 3 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 with index, middle and ring. My pattern is often Dm, Am, E, Am. - 2 soft down strum on each, already makes a melody. Sounds great with other strumming patterns also, strong and soft.

Oh well…I got ahead of myself again. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Verdict: Those lessons are just perfect IMHO. I can’t see or imagine how it could be made any better. Everything comes in the right order, well explained, not too much and plenty enough. :heart: :pray:

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