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grear lessons

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Are we supposed to be practicing the strumming patterns during the songs also?

There are strumming exercises later on in the Modules. I’m only on Module 5 but the main strumming takeaway so far has been that even if you aren’t varying your strumming at this stage, it’s a good idea to still do the up and down motion of your pick hand in time just to prepare for when you do start working on patterns.

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Hello @quitequaint and welcome to the Community.

As @CharlieHutcheson says, learn them as separate skills initially, make sure you can play along with songs in time with a very simple strum, make sure you can separately play a strumming pattern of downs and ups, then and only then think of combining them.

Hope that helps.
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My e string broke playing the mavericks in a capo ;(

Hello to all

I have question about OMC exercise. Should i try all possible combinations (Am-D Am-A Am-E Am-Em Em-D Em-A Em-E) or only thoose mantioned in video (Am-E Em-D Am-Em)

Thx for answer

Welcome Max!

There’s nothing wrong with practicing all possible combinations, but I suggest focusing on the ones mentioned in the video only for now.

Am-E, Em-D and Am-Em are used in LOTS of songs.

You can learn the other ones later when/if you need them for a song you’d like to learn.