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grear lessons

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Are we supposed to be practicing the strumming patterns during the songs also?

There are strumming exercises later on in the Modules. I’m only on Module 5 but the main strumming takeaway so far has been that even if you aren’t varying your strumming at this stage, it’s a good idea to still do the up and down motion of your pick hand in time just to prepare for when you do start working on patterns.


Hello @quitequaint and welcome to the Community.

As @CharlieHutcheson says, learn them as separate skills initially, make sure you can play along with songs in time with a very simple strum, make sure you can separately play a strumming pattern of downs and ups, then and only then think of combining them.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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My e string broke playing the mavericks in a capo ;(

Hello to all

I have question about OMC exercise. Should i try all possible combinations (Am-D Am-A Am-E Am-Em Em-D Em-A Em-E) or only thoose mantioned in video (Am-E Em-D Am-Em)

Thx for answer

Welcome Max!

There’s nothing wrong with practicing all possible combinations, but I suggest focusing on the ones mentioned in the video only for now.

Am-E, Em-D and Am-Em are used in LOTS of songs.

You can learn the other ones later when/if you need them for a song you’d like to learn.

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Hello fellow Guitarists,
What about Anchor Finger Practice?
Justin mentioned E A E D A D.
Should we include the Em and Am as well?

I am having a problem with the one minute change of Em to D. Seems there are no anchor fingers. Is there a trick to doing this effortlessly?

Hi Kevie, yep you’re right here, no anchor fingers to help you so I’m afraid the simple answer to your question is practice!

Follow the guidance and do you chord perfect and one minute change exercise. Be diligent, get a session in as daily as you can do and you’ll be surprised at how quickly things will get better. Have faith and good luck!! :+1::+1:


thanks! That’s what I’m doing!! :slight_smile:

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Then you’re all set Kevie :+1:
You’ll look back with a smile on your face soon enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same unanswered question as kopcikx. He said do the same anchor finger pattern as last time, which is E-A-E-D-A-D. Shouldn’t we incorporate Em and Am into the anchor finger practice though? Thanks

Hi everyone! Appreciate the good work being done here to help improve our playing. I just finished module 3 and tried to set up a routine for practice but was surprised to see that there wasn’t one that was already set up and ready to go…or is there and I’m just blind (most likely), is there one I can just use or do I have to do it all myself? If there aren’t already templates for the practice assistant please could this be included? Every barrier removed when it comes to practice is helpful.

Thanks again.

Edit: See knew I was being blind! I found everything I needed under the practice tab and simply clicked the clearly labelled buttons underneath to make it my active routine. Just thought I’d edit instead of deleting as someone else may have this question too. The practice tab is underneath the video and next to the discussion tab. Happy playing.

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I can relate to that feeling when you break a guitar string.

hey justin, how many weeks in is average at this point, i find myself going pretty fast trough the modules but i am practicing a lot. im just wondering how fast people usually go trough this

Hoi Joost,
Welkom hier,…and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And your question is very difficult to answer ,… there are easily 100 different answers to give ,… do you feel okay and have you mastered everything , then you continue ,… or if you get stuck and you start to get annoyed by certain songs or exercises, then you continue (or ask for help),… feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about yourself in the topic Introduce yourself :sunglasses: