Module 7 Practice

I'm going to give you some suggestions, but you have to figure you're own routines now...

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I see myself as an intermediate guitarist, I can play a lot of difficult fingerstyle songs. But when I started out playing guitar (10 years ago or so) I missed a lot of basics in terms of timing, dynamics and theory. I can totally agree with the part you said its better to consolidate your skills before moving on to the next level, because learning guitar never stops and there is always something new to learn. And on top of that harder doesn’t always mean more fun :slight_smile: I am still having a blast with the “easy” pop songs.


Hello @michiel1998 and welcome to the Community.

Never underestimate the fun a some three-chord pop songs.
Cheers :smiley:
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Hi - still having trouble with C chord. Find that I’m still putting my fingers in place as 1, 2, then 3. Is it really just about more practice? It’s driving me a bit mad!

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Hi Claudia, welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Probably not the answer you’re hoping for(!) but yes it’s really about more practice. Perhaps slow down on the OMCs or air changes to and from C to focus on getting all fingers down as close to simultaneously as possible. Time does get rewards and we’ve all found the same thing along the way, I recall the same especially with C.


Hello @cminogue welcome to the community.
I would like to direct you to this advice for the C chord : Air Changes (aspire to this!) - #3 by Richard_close2u

I hope it helps.

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Thanks Notter. Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Thanks Richard. Will definitely review and take my time. Appreciate your response.

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welcome to the community @cminogue I don’t know how long you have been working on the C chord but you could try putting your fingers down in a different order. I had troubles with the G chord and I changed the order I put my fingers down. It was like learning a new chord but after some practice it just kind of fell into place so my fingers all land about the same time now.



Thanks Dave. Think i just need to put in some quality time on it too :slight_smile:

Hey! Loving the course so far. Can anybody recommend some easy 6/8 song to practice at this early stage? When you tick 6/8 in the song search it just brings up a Grade 3 Harry Styles song

Try David Gray’s “This Year’s Love” - it’s one of the suggested module 6 songs, so it is not only in 6:8, but uses chords that have already been covered in grade 1.

Awesome course till now. :sunglasses:
Ps: meaningless comment. Also there is a typo, this should be module 7 right?: ““Under the video, click on the ‘Practice’ and save the pre-made routine for Module 6. Edit and access the items in your Dashboard.””