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i think i hit some sort of mental understanding while i was learning the song Shield Your Eyes by Jawbreaker, i think it got me to push myself a little bit and try a B chord and to trust myself on believing i knew the F chord, and it made me realize that i did know how to do it and i could do it, i heavily recommend learning that song if you arent struggling too much with your F chord, an alternate song i recommend is king for a day by pierce the veil, which uses the same sort of F chord shape

comfortably numb is another easy one if you can do Bm.

So to move on from module 9 I need the mini F…

Been playing U2 With or without you using F7.
As change to C after the F.

Can make the barre F about 40% of the time ring on 5 strings. Sometimes 6.

Mini F is a completely different story.

A song with a mini F.

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F mini Is nearly impossible to me. I can get the “big F chord” like 70% of the time, but i nave managed to play the mini F chord correctly for exactly… 0 times.

Don’t know what i’m missing here…

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I can now get a few F 's sounding right, the mini F is still next to impossible. Moved onto module 10 a week or two ago.

Welcome to the community. You could pop over and introduce yourself…

Anyone have any tips for the mini F? I’m able to get the barre F most of the time but the mini F is much more difficult for me.

In my case, my index finger couldn’t press hard enough to make the high E string ring, in the beginning. After lots of practice, it’s getting better, but is still work in progress.
Be patient, it will come, eventually :blush:.

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I find it easier to play the Mini F chord using fingers 1, 3 and 4, and not using my middle finger. When I use fingers 1, 2 and 3 I find that the middle finger tends to mute the second string.