Moi from Finland!

Hi, I’m Karl 41 from Helsinki, and started playing guitar in my teens, but had a long break and picked up the guitar in 2020 and started seriously practicing again. I decided to give it ago again with learning the basics properly including theory too which I never cared about when I was young. I actually started with Steve Krenz online course “Learn & Master Guitar” and learned music notation too, but then stumbled across Justin guitar through another friend of mine who recommended it, and found out that doing Justin modules is better for me.

The only thing that has not changed since my teens is that I still love playing punk rock, and have recently found a couple of friends who also play punk :stuck_out_tongue: and we have been jamming together a couple of times now… Ramones, Me first and the gimme gimmes, Bad religion etc. gotta love it!

I started directly from Grade 4 (which is almost finished), including the Theory section (now on module 5.2). But I wanted to really get back to the basics to check that I’ve got a solid foundation, so I’m also doing grade 1 at the moment but with a pretty fast pace. Goal is to do grade 1-3 simultaneously while I progress on the other higher grades.

I never thought I would be able to sing and play at the same time, but have found out it’s not impossible, and I think doing grade 1 and practicing really simple songs from this module is a good start to learn this multitasking effort :wink:

I even got the Justin Beginner songbook (good for practicing singing while playing) and Rhythm reading book, which I have found super useful to improve my rhythm.

Gotta say, I love Justin guitar, and this community is really encouraging and inspiring!

Cheers :blush:



Hey Karl, great to hear your story, welcome to the community. I’m an accidental singer, I thought it was too hard to sing and play at the same time so I concentrated only on playing. My wife sang the first song I learned and after about the 50th or 60th time I started singing along in the chorus by accident. The light bulb went off and I’ve been singing ever since. Such fun.


Hello Karl, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:. It’s really nice to have you here.

I love listening to punk rock, but could not imagine to play or even sing it :flushed:. Maybe with an electric guitar… (I’ve got an acoustic).

By the way, I’ve been to Finland once. I did a canoe trip there. It was fantastic :star_struck:.

Wish you a great guitar journey :grinning:.


Wow, that’s really great to hear about your story, Karl! Welcome to the community! Glad you’re here :blush:


Hey Karl! Glad to know there’s punk rockers out there still jamming. Hope you enjoy your time here. :smiley:


Thanks a lot :relaxed: Exciting times ahead!

Thanks Suzie :pray:, punk on :smile::sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot Nicole :blush: I’m lucky that my friend is actually the one singing the punk rock and I’m just playing the guitar :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Where in Finland did you go canoeing? Never done it here, but need to do it some day :smiley:


Thanks Tony! Great to hear about your singing journey as well, so awesome that it started to work out for you. It gives me some hope too. It is a great moment when those light bulbs goes off :smile:

Yesterday night I think I had some kind of an “aha” moment, when I was trying to play and sing Green Day’s time of your life. I tried not to strain my voice at all (almost like talking the song) and found out that singing and playing went somehow better as I was more relaxed. I have been playing this song for so many times it is almost automated now, so I think that also makes a big difference. Anyways, thanks for the inspiring words!


Hey, we paddled along the Naarajoki, down to Kangasniemi. It’s a wonderful tour, combining river and lake sections. As we did this trip in September, we were the only ones on the water. It was really great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Sounds awesome, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Hello Karl and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It’s good to see that even someone on a more advanced level can still earn some things from the beginners courses.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Karl, a very warm welcome to the community.
I love your approach and attitude to learning so thanks for giving us that introduction.
Going back through the basics even for more advanced players - to ensure good technique and good habits - is so important. This instrument we play is all about rhythm, songs and fun and it seems like you have those bases covered.
Good stuff.
If you need anything then you’ll find only helpful and supportive folk here.

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Thank you Richard, so happy to have found this community :blush:

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Welcome Karl! Thank God for stumbling on Justin Guitar. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing your posts.



Hi Karl, welcome. It is good that Justin Guitar has content for many skill levels and genres. Good also that you are checking the beginner lessons to find weaknesses in your foundations. Everything will add for sure to make you a better guitarist.