Moises "Beat Friday" deal - 50% off annual subscription (till Nov 30/23)

Moises has become an essential part of my song learning workflow. Another member pointed out that an annual sub is 50% off till the end of November.

Alas, this is not available for existing monthly subscribers such as myself.

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I’m on the fence of taking that deal. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to subscribe to premium? Is it because you need more than 5 songs per month or you find some premium features useful ?

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I quickly ran into the limitations of the free version, like only being able to transpose up or down one fret, and only analyzing the first part of the song.

Also, the program worked so much better than anything else I had tried, and the monthly subscription was quite low, so it was kind of a no brainer for me.

No regrets, and just today I upgraded my sub to yearly!

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Ok good to know :+1:

with the black friday deal, it’s under £20 for a year’s subscription, I felt that was a no-brainer!

Well, I assumed it would be a phone app and that didn’t interest me. Then I saw there was a desktop version, but I thought it would probably only be for Win or Mac. But… big surprise… they have a linux version too! :clap:

So I will certainly have a play with it and check it out.

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Also a Browser version, that should work on anything.

Note that the different versions have slightly different functionality, but all the major features are supported, AFAIK.

Interoperability is good. Anything I do on iPad, iPhone, or browser is seamlessly and automatically propagated to the other devices.


Just bought it too. Been using the free version and have hit the 5 song limit a few too many times now. Terrific app - does such a great job of separating tracks. Pop em in your DAW, and off you go. I can’t see mysely buying any more songs from Karaoke UK, as great as it is as well.

Cheers, Shane

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So the paid subscription allows you to upload unlimited songs (i see the terms specify that its not really unlimited and if you upload what they deem as “unreasonably” large amounts of songs, they can impose a limit) but lets say unlimited for the average person is 100 songs a month (3 per day)…the songs can then have any manner of available modifications and then exported back out to be stored on the user’s local storage? Or alternatively, they will store all those modified versions of songs in their cloud until you no longer subscribe?

A copy of your songs are stored in the Moises cloud, in addition to you having a local copy/copies.
ie. You upload your song, process it, then download it to your local device, forever.

And what about tuning- like Im used to the Musopia app having everything in standard tuning. Does this application by chance take a song and put it magically in standard tuning?

Definitely. The AI in Moises is very impressive, and will likely only improve further as the AI develops. You can change the key, tempo, frequency etc of an entire song seamlessly. The output is impressive.

Cheers, Shane

I think I’ll give it a try for 20 bucks. Even at full price, its less than half the cost of the Musopia app. Although I do like supporting Justin’s products.

Thanks for the hint!

I actually used their free version some time ago. I think I’ve found some other services which handled tracks separation a bit better - at least for one particular song, and in that case I was primarily interested in vocals/lyrics. But Moises seems to provide a much more complete tool/package that may be useful for an aspiring guitarist. So I decided to give them another chance.

And the Linux version is nice, even if it is just repackaged website in practice :wink: