Molly Malone AVOYP Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I’ve found the recent Vintage and Motivational Clubs really helpful, and also been going over Justin’s theory and practice modules again. I’ve also restarted a practice log and making some progress with accuracy, memorising the fretboard and triads. Joe Robinson’s session showed how important practice is, and how mistakes are normal which is reassuring!
I’ve been listening to some Irish folk from the Dubliners this week and Molly Malone caught my ear. I played around with various keys and went for an easy progression in G and just went for it! I tend to fingerpick rather than strum, but felt strumming gives a bit more energy to the song.


Grand stuff Richard and a happy St Patrick’s day to all our Irish friends here! I presume Mr Larsen is nursing a Guinness and / or a Whiskey right about now :slight_smile:


Nice one Richard. Am deep into a few beers here for St. Patrick’s day :shamrock: and I loved your version of an old Irish classic. You made me long for home!

Thanks, celebrated with some Irish friends but was driving so on the 0% Guinness!

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I’m looking forward to meeting Molly Malone’s statue in the summer, visiting Dublin with friends. Might try learning the words to the Irish Rover before we go as we have some music pubs to visit….!

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You will definitely have fun Richard and there are no shortage of good pubs to visit !

Solid rendition of this aul’ tune.
Well done :four_leaf_clover:

Became known as ‘the Tart with the Cart’ when unveiled in '88. Divides Dubliners, as her bronze bosom is shining due to all the tourists fondling her for good luck… :roll_eyes: :rofl:

For the ultimate Dublin song by the Dubliners, have a listen to The Mero.
Even seasoned locals don’t get a many of the references (some explained in the YT blurb)


What a great song, just looked up an explanation of all the characters and Dublin slang!

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Ah, great choice Richard. Slainte!

Hello Richard…you had me sing along all the way through! I love this tune, I used to fingerpick it and make it quite mellow with my girlish voice, but I love The Dubliners version and you did it really well. Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you!

Thank you, I was actually pointed towards Molly Malone by my 6 year old grandson who had been singing it at school recently! And a very catchy tune when it gets into your head.

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