Monday Morning - Cyril Tawney cover

I’ve found myself playing around with doing my own interpretation of songs, preferably those which I’m not familiar, without looking up chords/tabs etc and trying to find chord shapes (that might not be chord shapes at all) that just sounds good to my ear. Basically allowing my fingers go where they feel like going.

I’m not sure if this goes against everything that a conventional guitar learner should be doing. Is it encouraged or frowned upon and more inclined to create bad habits later or a natural step in the learning process?


The original…



Bravo Dom and much kudos.

Yours may be the (I’m virtually certain it is) the only Cyril Tawney cover ever posted in JG land.
And a fine version it is too. Bravo.
The folk tradition would embrace an interpretation and not insist on a straight copy so bravo there also.

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Sounded fabulous, Dom, really enjoyed it.

I’m not inclined to listen to the original. I can’t see anything wrong with exploring as you describe. I think as long as you maintain sound technique, you will just continue to grow and develop musicality.

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Thanks guys

Some in the folk tradition would embrace different interpretations. They can be a cantankerous tribe. Haha

I spent a long time picking up really bad habits that were hard to break when I started to take a bit more seriously. I’d hate to go back down that path now that I think I’m getting somewhere. :woozy_face:

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Didn’t listen to the original, I preferred just to listen to yours and it sounded fine on its own. I can’t see anything wrong with your playing around, I would have thought you would learn a lot and benefit as well as having fun.

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I always look forward to your songs, wether they are covers or originals and this did not disappoint. Great stuff :clap: :v:

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Loved the unhurried atmospheric intro, Dom, a little reverb and dog barking in the background giving the song lots of space to breath. Top job. Again, no need to listen to the original for comparisons. Keep it up :smiley:

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Thanks Chazzo. Appreciate it

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I’m always second guessing. I don’t feel I’m progressing much but maybe it’s because I’m never taking a break so it’s hard to see

The dogs were well paid for their appearance. I don’t think any animals were harmed in the making.

Nice one Dom. A new song and artists to me but I really enjoyed it. I love that fact that you just let your fingers wander. What a skill to have.

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