Monday smile 😃


Why? this man buys a hand cart and (steal?) a poor people BBQ … or is that only in the Netherlands that thousands of those shopping carts are used every year by students and other people…

I`m deadly serious :grin:…in a previous life I had to deal with this every day with my work :see_no_evil:

Sorry… :blush:
and,Weren’t you very busy with family?
Greetings, me

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Come on Brian, why would he want to get those new tyres dirty?:roll_eyes:

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Stop the press!
I seem to be receiving an alien message as I type…
The universal intergalactic translator is stretched to the limits, but it appears to be trying to analyse humour :open_mouth:

J-O-K-E /dʒəʊk/ something funny, HaHa :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Please send HELP!
Our planet needs it!

(I sent the in-laws packing a day early, so I’m wasting time again :wink:)


I’m guessing that the humor is not good enough … or it opens old wounds …2e it be : I have lost 10 thousands of euros per year on this for 10 years (fortunately not my own money) but a lot of time I lost (hey I see a pattern in my life :laughing:) but I can no longer stop thinking about this since your joke… And I already said sorry :innocent: :laughing:

:joy: I see

Ps : analyse humor is a thing I learned here :see_no_evil: (writing it down then…my mind always does that…did i said sorry? …well a little hug then :innocent:

As you see …I’m bored today…maybe I’ll start preparing dinner so make me a little useful instate of …well this :blush:

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:laughing: yup. That’d be one of the reasons…


Dare I say, he’s off his trolley?

I’ll get my coat.


Hi Jasmine,
I can come up with many more and better logical ones, but I’m afraid Brian will unfriend me :see_no_evil: :laughing:

Crxp ,back to the kitchen :grimacing:

Edit: It works Brian…I`m smiling now :smiley:


This reminds me of a Storey/Joke my da used to love telling. A fella working at the Docks is stopped every day on his way out the gate because he has a coat draped over a wheel barrow and they want to check if he is smuggling something out. Turns out he had stolen loads of wheel


Have seen a few of these characters at Home Depot over the past few years, however you need to go to Walmart if you really want to understand why the aliens don’t talk to us.

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Thanks for the laugh Brian :rofl: :rofl: