Moon River Jazz Cover

Hi guys,

Last couple of month have been pretty intense for me, but I am glad that life is normalizing again a bit and I have time to learn new songs.

As usual here is me doing an fingerstile jazz cover. I did like a thousand takes, doing in error in a different place in every single one of them, but guess what? I am tired and want to go to sleep! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am feeling that I have been in a bit of a rut lately playing guitar, I am trying to organize a practice schedule again… that would probably help >.< I also am thinking of learning something outside my comfort-zone, let’s see how that will go :wink:

As usual, constructive criticism is more than welcome.



Sounds great to me I can only wish I can play like that.

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Unmistakable , very pleasant listening. :slight_smile: , takes me back. I used to have an album Mantovani’s greates Hits, That got played a lot.

Thank you.


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Beautifully done Kevin

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That’s fantastic Kevin, well done.

Really nice and relaxing, enjoyable listening.

If there were mistakes, they weren’t obvious to me on one casual listen.

Keep going! sounding great!!


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Good joke :laughing:

Hi Kevin,
That sounded great, hard to imagine that you can get into a rut, but apparently it happens to almost everyone… it hasn’t happened to me yet in more than 3 and a half years :sweat_smile:

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Beautifully played with nice expression. Bravo!

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Nicely played and very chilled.

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Super cool, super jazzy… that was beautifully played Kevin, well done.

Lovely playing, Kevin. Bravo! :sunglasses:
Looks like you’re holding that guitar almost like a classical guitarist. Head near the fretting hand.
Have a great holiday and good luck with new directions :smiley:

As a teen, I used to have an album a single, Mantovani’s Hits, That got played a lot.
(The band was The Yachts, Forty years later the guy who wrote it played a gig in my living room :smiley:)

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I close my eyes and can see Holly Golightly sitting on the fire escape…
Beautifully played, nothing more to say… :dizzy:

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That was so enjoyable, Kevin. I felt what it looked like you were feeling. It calmed me down as I was listening. You seemed so content while you were playing, transporting it to me, the viewer.

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It’s because I was :smile:
Guitar brings so much joy and contentment to my life and I will be eternally grateful for Justin and his team for helping me find it! I never would be where I am, without him.

I don’t know, if he reads stuff like that but: thank you! :pray:t4:

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Awesome job. Loved the tone you had too. I too did not notice the mistakes if there were any. Keep it up!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Wow, that was beautiful! Such a lovely tune, and so well played.
I enjoyed it a lot, a great pleasure to listen to.
Thanks a lot for sharing :smiley:

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays full of joy and music :santa: :christmas_tree: :guitar: