Moon Song

A song about the moon’s unrequited love for the Earth. Well, there may be some other meanings. There usually are. I never manage to write songs about one specific thing. It’s more like some dream comprised of multiple ideas of what I hear, see or experience myself.

It started from reading an article of an astronomical theory which states that the gravitational pull of the earth slowed the rotation of the moon so that it always faces us. That’s why we never see the dark side. The same concept hints at the idea that the moon’s pull will also eventually slow the Earth’s rotation so it will always face the moon.

Unfortunately, there is another theory that our sun is ever expanding and will eventually swallow up the entire solar system. This makes it unclear if the Earth and moon will manage to face each other before being swallowed by a fiery inferno.

To me it felt similar to a Shakespearean tragedy, where someone is infatuated with another person, always watching them. The other person only seems to take notice occasionally. Sadly, some horrible fate takes their lives before they finally lock eyes and spin together in some celestial dance.

Hope people can enjoy it.


Floating in space watching you spin in place
Don’t even realize it’s dark behind my bright face
When you meet my eyes what do you even feel?

Floating in space watching you spin in place
So tall and beautiful but you cast your shadow my way
If you slow down we could make it for real

Pulling your tide trying to give you something new
Turn it all into storms that circle you while you stew
Preached of how hearts need room but won’t act like it’s true

When I disappear you won’t even notice I’m not here

Floating in space watching the time til I fade away
The heat that gives you live will be the end of my days


Most enjoyable, Ben. An egaging ethereal feel, coming from the lyrics, vocal, and your playing.

Well done.

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Dare I say that was a stellar performance Ben. Very enjoyable and a cool story on how you came to the idea for writing the song. The guitar sounded great.

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Very cool Ben. I love an Original song with a story and a good background and this definitely didn’t disappoint. Loved the playing throughout. Great job again!

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The song was soothing and warm, you voice is remarkable. More please :slight_smile:.

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Hi Ben,
Very nice :sunglasses: :clap:

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That’s an amazing composition Ben - love the chord changes. Superb playing too - I wish my little finger was that mobile!

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And very well done!!!

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Thank you very much, ethereal is a great word to describe what I was going for so I’m really happy that someone had that impression. I had this imagery in my head of the solar system like marionettes hanging in a pitch black room.

I rarely have the attention span to take an idea and actually fully develop it in a short time, which is why I felt compelled to share the source of inspiration.

I think the open C tuning does most of that. Plus it kinda pushed me into a lower vocal register since I have to follow the guitar for vocals… :sweat_smile:

Appreciate it very much. Chord changes are my favorite thing to be honest, and discovering a nice progression with an interesting underlying melody is really good feeling.

I think it’s inspired from starting off with the 1 minute change exercises and somehow really enjoying even just that. Plus watching Elliott Smith play live… it just looked so interesting and fun so it motivated me to use more of the neck.

Thanks all for the kind words. I’d reply to everyone individually but I have a lot going on so need t o head out.