More than Words by Extreme - my humble attempt :)

Really nice! Impressive.

How long have you been learning to play the guitar?

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Your performance doesn’t need anything added to it. That was marvellous! Superb playing and singing and clearly a few months well spent.
Loved the harmonic bit at the end too. Most impressive.


Checked it again and compared and it made me think you really are leaping forward!
You genuinely impressed me with this recording and while you are learning on your own with Justin’s lessons, I can’t help feeling proud of you :smiley:

Curious what we can expect from you in a next video (oh yeah raised the bar dude) :smiley:
No stress, it doesn’t have be as challenging as this one all the time!


This is a great , professional sounding performance. I hope you’re out playing live.

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Hi Zendre many thanks for the listen and really amazed that your first Community engagement is underneath this post :heart_eyes:

It’s a difficult question as I split my learning journey to two bits - first I learnt all the basics like chords, some very simple melodic lines etc in my teens for about 2-3 years, then I had a massive break until May 2020 when pandemic kicked in. That’s when I bought a new guitar and found Justin and that’s when everything accelerated massively. Honestly without Justin’s lessons I wasn’t able to play a single song from start to end and I couldn’t even dream about singing along, not to mention while fingerpicking.

So long story short about 5 years with a massive break in between :smiley: all the best and again thank you for the listen!


Gordon and Lewis - thank you! @lewis2025 I am not, however trying to get myself out constantly and I hope to attend a local OM this week just as a spectator to familiarize myself with the crowd and the space.

@LievenDV haha thank you again, wow listening to something I made for the second time - that is really something I can only be grateful for! :smiley:

If my audio setup for next Community OM goes well then I suggest you tune in (however still work in progress and lack of time makes it more difficult to set up!) :smiley:


I haven’t known about any other than it being about love word being less important than showing your feelings, is there anything I haven’t known about? Hopefully you can spill the beans :grin: all the best.

So I thought about how to describe what the song is about without getting in trouble by the admins :slight_smile: I came up with this:

The song is about the exact same subject matter (just more subtly done) as these two songs:

“Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” by Jim Steinman
“Let’s Do it for Our Country” from the movie Grease 2.

In both of those songs the singer is trying to make a convincing argument. Listen to the lyrics again, but from the perspective of a guy who is manipulating a girl who genuinely cares about him into “proving” she really loves him by well, just reaching out her hand and ‘touching’ him.

It was pretty common knowledge when the song came out (at least to everyone I knew) what it was about.

It’s right in the lyrics:

“Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you.
It’s not that I want you not to say (them)
but if you only knew how easy it would be to show me how you feel”

and later in the song:

“Now that I’ve tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes and just reach out your hands and touch me.”

And the finisher:

“More than words is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldn’t have to say that you love me 'cause I’d already know.”

Don’t be afraid to let your mind get dirty, the name of the album was Pornografitti after all.

So admins, I tried real hard to be clean here.


Wow thanks for that intel John, never thought of it this way and haven’t seen on a few websites I checked the meaning of the song anything like this. :dizzy_face: well I think you did a magnificent job in explaining the meaning of it without violating any rules - in fact I think some regimes would pay you some serious money to play with words like this for them :smile: thanks again! :smile:

Think of it that way next time you sing it and it will sound different, I promise. You’ll sing the line “hold me close and … neh … ver … let … me GO!” in a more angst-fueled explosive manner, I promise, lol

Because after that explosion the song changes to the past tense. “More than words is all I needed you to show that your love for me is real”.

You performed it really well though, I listened again, really good. Very well playing and singing on top of it is always impressing!


That was ace, Adrian! Really well done. That’s a song you have to know well enough to play on auto pilot so you can sing at the same time. Playing and singing were both done well, love a few of those notes you hit. Solo at the end sounding good too.

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Dang… sounding great! Amazing that you can hit those high notes. I have to admit though that the first time I heard the doubled voice I wondered if there was a ghost somewhere in your house. :slight_smile:

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Adrian, setting the bar with one of the ultimate acoustic love ballads EVER. Nailed it, crushed it and surely broke some hearts along the way. Hands off everybody! Adrian now lives in my closet where I feed him gummy bears and Cheetos. Rest assured, he is free to venture out on occasion to break more hearts. The gift of your music is our reward. Play on playa! :slight_smile:

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Wow CT you blew my mind off with this comment, thank you so much really made me smile! :smile: for gummy bears and cheetos I don’t mind moving out to a closet, less space to take care or comparing to owning a house :joy: all the best Clint!


Get with it Adi! :rofl: I think it took me about two practice sessions to get used to playing standing up… it feels odd to start with but then is very easy. I always playing standing now.

A great recording btw and like the extra production on it. Very nice. You really do need to get out and play in the wild (they’ll let you sit down at most OM :smiley: )

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Thanks Jason, I really tell myself everyday to start doing it and then I forget until Lieven puts a comment under my new video :joy: I was about to go yesterday just to look at our local OM in a pub but unfortunately chores took over my whole time so probably will wait until late may bank holiday when I take a whole week off.

Hi Adrian, it was amazing, I really like this song and you performed it just fantastic. Your guitar playing and your vocals are great!!!
Thank you very much for sharing


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Thanks for the comment Mike always good to hear encouragement from more experienced players :wink: