More than Words by Extreme - my humble attempt :)

Well guys you challenge and I deliver (thanks @DarrellW your reply under one of my post really kicked start it all even though the song was on my bucket list for a very long time)! :smiley:

I started to learn the song around 2 months ago as per my entry in LL. I was about to do a progress update every now and then but turns out I went abroad to visit family, I had only my small classic guitar to play around with so no recording kit then and after I came back I had pretty much most of the song cracked except singing along. And that is what I have been working on for last 1+ month and now may I present to you the final outcome :wink:

Song was quite simple from chords point of view, nothing really out of the ordinary here which I haven’t played in the past already. As always those A minor shaped barre chords are pigs to switch over to but I think I managed to do those okay. As for solo goes still work in progress which I will play with still probably until next OM event :slight_smile: I think still the version I found is bit off from the original but again, best one I managed to find. Hopefully you will hear a better version or at least better played one then!

Recording kit same as in my 74-75 cover, just added a few extra backing vocal sections to spice things up. Actually speaking of the song above I think in the end The Connells hit was more complicated than MTW to me which paid a favour as instead of probably spending on the track 6 months I managed to learn it in 2 :slight_smile: Honest feedback always welcomed, few bumps on the road but hey - what’s new?! :smiley:


Great job; That playing and use of your voice all combined in a simultanuous run.
Impressive my dear friend!!!

SOLID playing and I’ll repeat until you’re all fed up with it; try playing standing
up for better vocal support for that extra touch stability!

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Marvelous Adrian.
Worth the months of work for sure.

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Thank you Lieven and Richard, always appreciate your warm words of encouragement!

@LievenDV I know but my playing while standing up leaves a lot to say about hence I always resist temptation :joy: might be a fun challenge perhaps for next Community Open Mic event!

Super good Adrian. Not a humble attempt at all, a great performance. Slick playing!

Wonderful! Great playing and I amazed at your ability to hit the higher singing notes.

I like the easy, relaxed percussion.

That was excellent, really nice to listen to.

Very nice work Adrian. Each time I hear/watch you play I see you slip into the groove and own it in such a comfortable way. You take ownership more easily. You’re blending with your guitar, your music and the creative expression of it all so well.


Bravo, Adrian. An impressive performance in every respect.

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Like like like like it :+1::+1::+1:
Very nicely done, your vocals were really great, you handled the falsetto very well and got the dynamics right!
It’s definitely not a song for the faint hearted to play and your confidence to play it shines through.
Definitely a pat on the back and a sugar lump for this one :grin::laughing::joy:


Loved that Adi. A great cover of a great song, which I thought you nailed. Some high vocals in there as well, which you manged just fine. And what a brilliant ending.

Only thing for me was at times the guitar sounded a little quite but that is the only critique.

P.S. Are you able to sort the sun out? It kept casting you in to shadow. :smiley:

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Wonderful Adrian. Way beyond my play grade to give you any critique. I can only hope to be playing as well as you in the future. Impressive playing and singing mate.

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Hi Adrian,
Cool :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :bouquet: :bouquet:
deep bow etc etc…Bis bis bis… :smiley:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Very nice Adi! Played well and the vox fit in like a glove. I liked your staked backing vox too! You sure are loose and at ease, or so it seems! Good stuff for sure! All the other elements are there as well. Just a sweet production through and through!

Keep them coming mate!


JK, Joshua, Phil, Maggie, David, Darrell, James, Roger, LBro and Stefan - many thanks for the listen! :blush:

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You nailed that one Adrien!!

Great playing and singing… sounds great. Easy to hear that you have put down a lot of work on it. Sounds like a difficult song to sing…

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A professional performance there Adrian. Just superb mate in every way. A terrific listen, and those higher registers - WOW!


Cheers, Shane

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Well Adrian, I could just repeat all of the above comments for what I think. I’m kinda speechless for what else to say. Your dedication investing the time to get it right impresses me even more than your superb performance.
(Doesn’t need a solo :wink:)

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This is such a great song. The true meaning of the song might surprise you.

I thought your vocals were great, nice harmonies and great falsetto. Really enjoyed listening to that. The ending was a really sweet note.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Trond for appreciating the hard work, Shane for the medal, Brian for speechlessness and John for an interesting point about lyrics. :smile:

I haven’t known about any other than it being about love word being less important than showing your feelings, is there anything I haven’t known about? Hopefully you can spill the beans :grin: all the best.