More tricks for old dogs


Hi Brian,
So, have you provided a source of new reading material :smiley:,…way more great files are there for those who click on the files…

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I say just do what you want to do. No need to be asking others if it’s right or not.


I admit I was a little disappointed when he didn’t answer my question, share the song I sent him, or invite me to play on the next Grinderman collaboration.
Does he not know who I am? :roll_eyes:
Not only do I love his music, but I relate to a lot of his views on life.
This was on the BBC just the other night :smiley:

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After 13 minutes I had to laugh just as hard,…when I called you old, I almost got spanked (or cursed),…but if you can join them you must be very old,… this says Nick :thinking:.

:laughing:,…(didn’t he suffer enough :roll_eyes:)

The 2nd letter I read early this morning was about grief ,…
Was on the first page so not really a coincidence,…

Very special interview and a pleasant person to listen to,…you had shared something before, I remember,…but maybe only music then,…I still have the last minutes to watch,… bye

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I started my journey 12 months ago, aged 70, I can now play three chords :joy: :joy: :joy:


Thats 3 more than you could at 69. Keep on keepin on. You will have the time of your life.

With three chords you can potentially play around 1000 songs depending upon which chords! I’m 71 and can play considerably more chords :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: