Motif Development

Here's how you make your guitar solos flow better.

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I’m trying to figure out what chord progression he’s playing for the backing track. It sounds like G, D, C, and something else.

I think the progression in the intro is G, D, Am, C.

This is a really really good lesson, gone through it a few times now and to my ears anyway it sounds like I’m making progress.

Hey, I gave it a shot! Here’s the link to my attempt: G Major Improvisation - Motif Development

Can I post it here? Or should I post it in the AVOYP area? Idk

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How is the 16th note strumming rhythm going in Justin’s backing track loop? Trying to figure it out :slight_smile:

Hello folks! I tried to transcribe Justin’s version and here is an attempt. The ending is my own improvisation:

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Hi Karl,
That sounded pretty good :sunglasses: :clap: … This could easily have been done in AVOYP

Edit: Welcome and sounding like that you’ve been practicing for a bit longer than your first post above :grinning:… feel free to tell us a bit about your background in the introductory post section,…that will quickly provide more feedback in the next post,…if you are waiting for that of course…Greetings

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Thanks Roger :blush: I will dig into this AVOYP section, and post something else as well and introduce myself too. This seems like an encouraging community that I will need to start engaging in more in addition to following Justin Guitar modules :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Karl

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I think this Motif Development lesson is one of the best lessons yet. I have watched this now at least 5 times. I like the comparison to someone drinking too much and just rambling on without a point. Makes me think you must have met me!

I am wondering if someone can help me out with where to go next with learning to improvise. I am working through the lessons and have pattern 1,2 & 3 down and can play them up and down and in 3rds. I also spend some time trying to improvise using one finger solos and moving between patterns. I noticed that in the scales course Justin discusses three notes per string patterns (connecting the block pattern shapes). Is this something I should add now - I am having a hard time being melodic playing to a backing track. I understand that things take time but I don’t want to stay doing the same thing if I plateau and play the same things in my “improvisation” over and over. I tried studying what Justin does in his examples and can copy some of the “licks” he does but can’t seem to get there myself when I noodle around with improvising.

Hi. This is my attempt at soloing. I chose the key of A. For the backing track I used a looper pedal and the chords A, D and E.
I tried to use a small phrase as the basis for the solo.
The problem I had was that it felt uncomfortable to move too far away from that “home base”. I wanted to go a little more crazy in between. So the result is rather boring.

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