Motivation & Inspiration #10 with Lieven | Singing With and Without Guitar

Singing With and Without Guitar

Please note, this is one hour later than usual
SUN, APR 28 2024 · 19:30 GMT+1


In this session I will give you some tips you can use right away to get a better singing voice and of the guitar.

Posture, technique, how to approach songs, how to start playing+ singing and how to to progress…

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Useful links for those who were in the session:

Transpose plugin for Chrome: very useful tool to transpose and slow down Youtube songs in real time

Singing lessons on the Justin Guitar website (don’t miss the Chris Liepe sessions!)

Staccato breathing exercise This lady shows it very well; her shoulders remain relaxed, chin up, and exhaling with burst. Combine it with a scale like in the exercise as an ideal warmup but especially to get to recognize that “diaphragm feeling”


Thanks for sharing the Chrome plugin, looks similar to Riffstation but obviously can be used insitu. Great session btw. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the session and the links.

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