Motivation & Inspiration #9 with Lieven | Surviving a Live Gig

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I’m having a solo gig exactly at this date and time… I feel so not ready…

Good luck dude!

I’m probably sharing some notes here some time before, perhaps it can help you check some mental boxes before your gig :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I just was in a learning mode for the last couple of months, working on a few new pieces, when the opportunity came up. And right now it feels like I’ve forgotten everything I knew how to play…

That’s quite common. a mix of uncertainty, a bit of stress, extrapolation of details…
I know that feeling and I think it is common when things ‘get real’.

In reality you actually know your stuff and still doubt tends to make the uncertain factor disproportionate.

Perhaps now is a good time to stop with creating or learning new stuff and focus on the gig.

Try to come to a setlist and practice the songs in this order. Practice it in several different places around the house if you have that option.

Record a session and be realistic; take a healthy selection of things you want to address and improve but don’t expect yourself to be fixing everything

I always tell people the first step to making songs your own is to gain and maintain control.

You could keep a bit of a scorecard for each song to track how you feel the control is for every song. Do you need to simplify some parts in order to feel confident enough that ypou have actualy control in those sections? Or the other way around; are there section that you are absolutely solid in now and you want to improve (after the gig, towards a next gig).
Though, try to put in at least one or two little sport where you do something extra or new IF they don’t give you anxiety. If you are not comfortable with that, you have to make a choice.

It is good practice though to learn how to “fail on stage”.

I will dedicate a section on that in my Live Club as well; Being comfortable with the knowledge that mishaps WILL happen, will make you better prepared to think quick on your feet and to handle the situation. In most cases, dropping back to a simpler thing of what you were doing saves the day and the audience will hardly notice. A hard lead line becomes simplified to some longer notes. A chord gets skipped, a tactical silence with an acapella vocal bridges a fumbled chord sequence. That’s hwy i urge peopel to learn songs in layers instead of a sequence of notes from beginning to end. When something happens, you can drop a layer of complexity. If you progress inskill and experience, you build complexity upon layers…

A hard thing to learn and practice can be NOT stopping when fumbling while being safely at home practicing. Keep the song going (rhythm is king!) …;and if you fumble something, practice how you manage to keep things going.

Knowing you’ve got some failsaves in your pockets, will make you feel more comfortable AND you will actually forget less.

Fo the gig:
Go scouting, be early, talk to the people, see some other gigs, know how the stage looks. It will all be easier to project yourself to what it will be like if yo are standing there.

Good luck buddy!


Thank you, all good stuff.
The set list is ready, I’m going thru it every day.
It’s built in a way that it starts with easier/older pieces and crescends to newer ones. Last 20 minutes are left for my own jazz arrangements which I will play sitting down, 'cause in my experience, I’m pretty tired after playing for 40 minutes straight, especially standing up.
I’m also going thru shaky part separately, very slow and steady.
Still, even playing at home, I’m having blackouts sometimes in the middle of a song, sometimes I have to think hard - what piece I was playing, he he…
I’m working on my performance skills for a last year or so… Did a few open mics, and one recital on a classical guitar. It didn’t go smooth even once :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help! I hope, your club session will be recorded.

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@LievenDV Ironic this topic is the day after the next JGC OM, it will be like therapy ! :rofl:


I had a lot to talk about and couldn’t spend much time on Q&A.

If you have any more ideas, questions and ponders after yesterday’s packed session, let us know here!