Motivation & Inspiration Club #1 with Lieven | Building Repertoire

Hi guys,

This session took place on Sunday December 3rd.
You can discuss it in THIS thread

This session was about

  • how a repertoire grows,
  • how to practice it,
  • how to evolve songs to a higher level,
  • How to layer songs so you come to complete songs quicker while you can keep on improving it
  • Some tips on practice and song structure

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The recap document can be found HERE


I believe this lesson was the beginnings of a new way of going about chord structure for me!! Now a part of my arsenal to progress!! Booyah! :slight_smile:

I know a song I want to make my own! So happy you brought this up. Sounding exactly like the record is nice and awesome! However giving it that lil tweak to make it your own??? Oh yeah, I like that idea!

Rock on brother!! :slight_smile: :+1::love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


I’m just now jumping into this group so I thank you for the document. I read it and will read the others until I’ve caught up.

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I didn’t attend the Dec 3 session, but your recap was most helpful. I know intuitively and from my short time learning songs that there are many “layers” to a good piece of music. Your description of how methodically to break the layers down to simple blocks, practice to get those blocks on auto-pilot, and then gradually add some flair will help me along. Thanks.

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