Motivation & Inspiration Club #3 with Lieven | What is YOUR path?

Motivation & Inspiration #3 | What is YOUR path?
Sunday January 14, 18:30 UTC+0

LESSON SUMMARY: >>Check the Live Clubs Archive

The first Motivation and Inspiration session of 2024 and that’s not a coincidence.
Your path can be something dynamic but a year is a good chunck of time to look forward to and to look back on.

In this session, I want to inspire you take inventory of what under your belt and where you see yourself going in the near and distant future. How to get from A to B?

There is nothing wrong with setting some abmitious goals but make sure you go in small steps and via some tactically placed milestones on your map.

No need to worry, nothing is set in stone. A musician can always have a change of heart and never ends up where he thought he would years ago. (Sure I did!). You dicover things along the way and your priorities may shift.


May just drop in for a looksee, the first few were not at a good time for me. Change of time could work this side of the border ! :rofl:

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Hi @LievenDV
Is it ok to attend now, or is this something that should have been attended from #1?


I did not do the first 2 due to the timing but see no reason not to jump in now. That’s my plan !


Cool! I want to check it out as well…
See you there Toby :grin:

If im allowed :rofl:

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@tRONd Jump in and join in at any time :slight_smile:


I’m delighted that Lieven is doing this one day ahead of my first Vintage Club on practice. Anyone attending both will hopefully have two mutually reinforcing sessions.


Stupid question @Richard_close2u
Is it guitar playing involved? I am not allowed to play guitar on a Sunday in that time in my house :rofl:

Oh, @Richard_close2u , J shall be there for both! The well of Guitar musical knowledge flows forth from all the teachers around these parts! :+1: Good for me as well seeing how other teachers have their plans in place. They all are of the same mindframe, but all have just that little bit of “What worked for me and different routines and structure”. Each student is unique, so haveing a few tricks for them to pick from, might be benificial. What works for one, may not work for the other kinda thing. At keast that is where my frame of mind is.



You don’t need to following from #1; each session stands well enough on its own feet.
For most/all the sessions that will be the case.


Same here Toby :slightly_smiling_face:

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The summary for this session just went live:


Saweeeeeeeeet!!! Thank you Lieven!

I need a few more details jotted down in my motivational book section! ,:v::wink:

Rock on!

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Thanks for posting the summary. I couldn’t join your club sessions yet, but I read your summaries with great interest. :+1:t3:

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Thank you Lieven, this is really useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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@LievenDV Thanks for this. I have progressed the SWOT which showed me what I kind of knew. The ‘weakness’ list is longer than the others!! No real surprise. As a beginner it’s difficult to know what my strengths are. How do I know that I am good at something. Mind map next.

Than I suspect you could rephrase some of those Weaknesses into Opportunities (an perhaps an extra threat to keep an eye out for as well ;))

a weakness could be: I only know a few chords.
A corresponding opportunity could be: I’m motivated to expand my chord library.
That one can be cut into smaller pieces leading to some SMART goals


All opportunities I would say!