MotoGP & KISS Who woulda Thunk!

Just catching up on last weekends Mugello MotoGP in Italy home of Ducati. Sporting a KISS Tribute helmet, Peco Bagnia not only secured the win but celebrated with his team members / Kiss Tribute band and indulged the crowd.

I was surprised to see our own @nzmetal there in the proceedings or maybe a doppelganger of our dear bewigged Kiwi !!

I’ll try and do a video trim tomorrow as its an hour before Maiden Time and its been a long day.

Bikes Beer and Rock n Roll, the world never changes. :metal:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
That’s hilarious! Love it! Thanks for sharing, Toby! :joy:


Brilliant Toby, it’s great to know that there are die hard MotoGP fans among the guitar aficionados :+1: Although I would question your dedication at being a week and bit late :rofl:

No live access to my preferred broadcaster here in France, so I have to go round the houses. And as I like the build up and chat I take a race each evening. But last week was pretty hetic, especially with all the new BLIM stuff kicking off here. :sunglasses:

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Oops my edited cut of the celebrations received a YouTube block, so I’d better leave it there.

Well, God did give rock’n’roll to us.

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