Motorhead - God Was Never On Your Side (cover)

Hello everyone,
let me offer you a new cover from me and Mike. This time it’s a Motorhead. I thought, if I have sideburns like Lemmy, we should do it)))
But seriously, the lyrics of this song are more and more in line with the situation… When will He intervene?
Many thanks to Mike for his guitar and for the amazing solo. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a world-class Mike’s playing? :wink:
Thank you all for listening,

Stream Motorhead - God Was Never On Your Side (cover by Crocodile1 & Mike Sebastian P.) by crocodile1 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

If the stars fall down on me
And the sun refuse to shine
Then may the shackles be undone,
And all the old words, cease to rhyme.
If the sky, turn into stone,
It will matter not at all,
For there is no heaven in the sky,
Hell does not wait for our downfall,

Let the voice of reason shine,
Let the pious vanish for all times,
God’s face is hidden, all unseen,
You can’t ask him what it all means
He was never on your side,
God was never on your side
Let right or wrong, alone decide,
God was never on your side.

See ten thousand ministries,
See the holy righteous dogs,
They claim to heal
but all they do is steal,
Abuse your faith, cheat & rob.
If god is wise, why is he still,
When these false prophets
call him friends,
Why is he silent, is he blind?
Will he see nothing in the end?

Let the sword of reason shine,
Let us be free of prayer & shrine
God’s face is hidden, turned away
He never has a word to say
He was never on your side
God was never on your side
Let right or wrong, alone decide,
God was never on your side.
No, No, No!


He was never on your side,
God was never on your side
Never, Never, Never, Never!
Never on your side [x2]
God was never on your side,
Never on your side.


Excellent Job! I am not familiar with the song, but the 2 of you absolutely rocked it!

Wow Crocodillo that was a fantastic cover and as you say so current. Professional production and shinning in all departments. The usual exceptional vocals from your good self but Mike S has excelled himself on this one - one of his best for sure.

Right, that’s it I’m off to listen to the mega album this was born from

Hope you are both safe my friend, take care.


That is an amazing cover you guys did, wow another level of playing during the solo! Hats off chaps!

Hi Guys,

Exceptional cover - playing/vocals and production.
So heavy in all senses of the word.
The drums & low end have weight to them.
The guitars sparkle. Definitely world class.
The vocal flies over all.

Great job.


Great stuff. I can sure relate to the lyrics.

Really nice production. You are getting some awesome tones and sounds on this one. I like how your vox came in on the more rockin part. I think the only thing I might have done different on the mix is Mike’s lead work. If somehow it could have been brought up and featured more, all the better. Liking the acoustic guitar work and tone too! What can I say, a real rocker and a great one!

All the best guys!

That is a stunning recording, real class from both of you.

That was superb stuff guys. I am not a Motorhead fan but that was really good and had me coming back for a second listen. Top stuff!

Brilliant playing and singing guys. That solo was very sweet. Nicely done both of you.

This nearly slipped under my radar and what a pity that would have been! :open_mouth:
I’ve come to expect only the finest fare from my Russian friends and once again you don’t disappoint, serving up the most exclusive rocking vodka and caviar.
All the technical wizardry has been lauded comprehensibly above.
Bravo to both of you.
Thank you :smiley:

Tom says he’s away on business

Thanks guys for the great comments, it’s always nice to read this. But it just so happens that Mike and I are doing this in many ways for you here!

@TheCluelessLuthier, @Eddie_09,
Yes, guys, I’m not the main fan of Motorhead either, but I was especially hooked by these lyrics, and Mike wanted to play such a intersting and cool solo.

thanks, my friend, for the great review.
Mike and I are not bad, we are trying :crazy_face:

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@adi_mrok ,
thank you, my friend!
Yes, we all have many new skill levels ahead of us. And that’s fine!

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I am especially glad to hear this from a real Musician!

thank you for your comment and valuable remark.
In my “justification” I can only say that everything about Mike’s guitar in the mix, I strictly coordinate with him :wink:

ha ha! somehow it turns out that I have not had vodka and caviar for a long time myself, but regularly single malt whisky with dried fruits and nuts.
And Tom Waits really understands right many things in this life :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hey Leo and Mike - another awesome track! I also never listened much to Motorhead, but this is a really catchy tune… and you did it justice, and more! Love the vocals, the guitars, the tones, rest of instruments and the mix. Just an overall enjoyable listen.

And what a ripper of a solo from Mike. Wow!


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TheCluelessLuthier, tobyjenner, adi_mrok, Digger72, tony, LBro, Richard_close2u,
Eddie_09, SgtColon, brianlarsen, Kasper
My Friends, I want to thank you so much for your words, for such excellent feedback, I really appreciate it!! And of course, a big thank you to Leo, his work in everything, as always, is at the highest level!