Mountains full of happiness - original song

My own song interpreted by Looper in my native Slovak language (raw recording).

Mountains full of happiness

Literal English translation of the song

Always have mountains of luck.
Health like water in the sea.
May so much love be yours.
How many peaks the Tatras have.

Many more years.
Many happy steps.
Many good things.
Wishing you all


Good stuff Michal. You’re clearly in control of your rhythm and the looper. It’s a nice progression and you developed a pretty melody with lots of rests and repetition.

I think you just need to repeat the verse & chorus a few times and maybe add a bridge before the last chorus.

I do think the song needs a different, perhaps more laid back drum beat, especially during the verses. But your playing was definitely good, well done.

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Very enjoyable, Michal. Great work with the looper and I enjoyed the riff as well.

Nice job Michal. :sunglasses:

Very nice!