Move is complete and finger feels good

The move is finished. Been here a week and settlednin oretty quickly… my cats have transitioned well. But theres definitely a liuder environment in a house.

My brother quickly got a drum set together and its starting to sound pretty good. With very little money spent on marketplace hes gotten a good cb drum set with some specific symbols that hes gotten really cheap. They sound good. A few more stands and hell be set. Havent seen him so excited in a long time. We jammed friday altho with one cymbol stand its tough for him to change it up lol.

First time jamming outside headphones. I learned a lot. Cant have too much distortion in the pretone. I got better as i went. How much eoes YOUR pretone change when you play through headphone compared to straight speaker? Mine did quite a bit. I am gonna sit down and make a new tone i think. Might stream it in my twitch. Lol

This week im gonna sit down and remembet songs he knows. We play had one song. Suger were going down lol. If we play weekly im confident well have material. Gonna start thinking up riffs.

I almost got this guitar for 80 dollars

It would have been great with his sound. The hardcore sound.

I set up my pedal board again and everything sounds off… im gonna have to re create my circuits.kinda annoying im regretting taking it apart. But i also need to redo the wires so its whatever. I dont reslly need more then distortion right now anyways.

One last thing. 8 weeks later i felt no restrictions while playing. Vibratos no problems. Everything went ok. Played standing up for the first time in a long time. Im gonna restring guitars and start doing play throughs of songs i wrote.

And of course im going to finally see what these lessons have in store. I figure ill listen to the lessons and make up a little thing with them. Ill be sharing them here in a thread somewhere. And you can tell me what i need work on… my techniques have gotten better with the unique way i play. Im finding though i need to expand on them. One is going to be contineous sweeps over just going up and down once.

My alternate picking is pretty consistent. Im pretty sure my eco picking is the same. But i honestly can’t tell you when im doing one or the other. Lol

Needless to say theres a lot to be excited for. Im gonna look into sound proofing. I have quite a bit planned. Its going to take sometime. But i think its going to work very well.

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All sounds good, Calvin, wish you well in the new place.

I hope you’ll be taking requests from the neighbours? :smiley:

Glad to hear it’s all gone well and that your finger is feeling good.

Lol not sure if theyd enjoy it. My brother has started suggesting songs. Play list is slowly gonna.come together. So far…

Sugar were going down (easy and fun)
Walk (obvious improv on that solo lol)
Some punk songs from a band called saves the day.

Theres also some ghost inside but drop b is pretty low. May need new strings for that song.

Basically a half hour… or so. Need a couple more.